AK-Racing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair- Wide Gaming Chair Review

AK-Racing master series max gaming chair

AKracing Masters Series Max Gaming Chairs are second to none for comfort. The specs and features are all mind-boggling. Here, We have brought, maybe, the best wide gaming chair that you can ever find.

This article will provide you with an honest review of “Max gaming Chair by AK-Racing.” We will also discuss the technical features, Pros & Cons, and will let you know Is it worth your money or not?

The First Look – Thrill and Flurry

The manufacturers have put their best efforts into this masterpiece. Be ready to gasp as soon as you open the package. Being a fan of technicalities, I love the anti-corrosive coating on the metal frame.

Fun fact, It will only take under 20 minutes to assemble this chair without any fuss.

Main Features of AK-Racing Max Gaming Chair

It is specifically designed to support the gamer’s ergonomic needs. After hours of sitting, sometimes the back hurts. This is where the recline and lumbar support help.

● 180° Recline
● 4D Armrest
● Heavy-Duty Gas Lift
● Metal frame with anti-corrosive coating
● 10-Years Warranty of metal frame
● 400 Pounds Maximum Capacity
● Lumbar Support Pillows
● Lockable Tilt Positions

Technical Specifications of AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

Apart from the basic features, its beauty lies in the technical elements. The adjustable mechanism is the cherry on top. Let’s take a detailed look at its all features side by side.

1. Dimensions

The dimensions for this wide chair are 23.25 x 30.25 x 54 inches. The seat dimensions are 28.75 – 30.25″W × 20.5″ D.

The seat height from the ground ranges from 14.4 to 17.25 inches. And the backrest height is around 34.25 inches. It is suitable for every heavy and tall user.

Dimensions - AkRacing

2. Upholstery

We get to see Premium 0.21 inches thick PU Leather here. It fancies you with a large amount of leather all over it. It has a coating of Polyurethane that gives it a gleaming and glossy appearance.

Under the upholstery, thick high-density shaping foam is there. It takes the shape of your body and makes you exceedingly cozy. Lather gives it a premium look. Try our simple and easy tricks to maintain your chair look for a long time.

What is the Maximum Weight Capacity of AKracing Max Gaming Chair?

It can hold 400 pounds of weight on it. Even the heaviest person can easily use this gaming seat as it is full of comfort and adjusting functions to take a fancy it.

AK-Racing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

3. Control Panel

You can look for the control buttons on the right side to adjust in most ways. On the left side, you will see a seat height adjusting lever.

By pulling this lever, you can easily adjust the seat height. The lowest height setting is 14.4″, and the highest is 17.25″. It has a swivel rotation of 360°, whose mechanism is placed directly under the seat.

The armrests are adjustable in all four directions. Compared to the AK-Racking Nitro Gaming Chair, its control penal is more assessable and adjustable.

AK-Racing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

How Much Can an AK-Racing Max Gaming Chair Recline Back?

Despite being tall and wide, it can recline back at a 180° angle. You can almost lay down, and it will feel like a bed with thick padding on it.

There is a lever on the right side by which you can easily lock the recliner at one angle.

AK-Racing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

4. Soft Cushioning

This best gaming chair comes with a removable headrest and lumbar cushion. The neck pillow has a leather covering tied through the holes. And you can adjust them as you would like.

The cushions are thick and soft, and you will find no complaints about them. They are removable, and if by any chance you happen to don’t like them or they may not come of great use to you, you can easily remove them.


It comes up with a 10-years warranty on the metal frame. And 5-years of warranty for the accessories. You can claim it to receive a refund or the replacement of your product without any complications.

But you have to use this product according to the given instructions. Otherwise, the warranty will not apply.

5. Color Variations

It is the fun part. The AK-Racing masters series max comes with a whole bundle of colors. And it can be perplexing for you to pick up a color. It has Black, Blue, Black/Blue, Black/Indigo, Indigo, Red, and White color options.

The color options came at different prices.

6. PU Wheels

Its unique property is that it brings PU wheels with it. Usually, you only see metal wheels that can roll over marble or tiles easily. But they refrain from sliding over the carpet.

AK-Racing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

These PU wheels come with the elasticity property of rubber wheels combined with the durability and strength of metal wheels. That’s why these wheels mainly aid in transportation purposes.

Comparing it with others, they are more resistant to abrasion, oil, and weather. They can bear more load capacity. It comes with 2.5 inches wide casters to support the PU wheels.

7. SGS Gas Lift

It proposes an extra heavy-duty gas lift. It has Pneumatic Hydraulic gas springs to resist sudden pressure and weight. They are shock absorbers to make their base safe.

This system is of high importance for its longevity. Otherwise, if a person sits, suddenly dropping all of their weight. All pressure goes to the bottom.

Due to this issue, we have SGS gas lift springs in the middle to reduce the shock and rescue the weak parts. Even with the great ergonomic design, unlike AK-Racing Core Series EX Gaming Chair, we don’t see any 4 gas lifts here.

Who is it for? Is it Perfect For Heavy People?

Truthfully, it only typically deals with a specific type of person. Anyone taller than 5’9″ and weighing more than 250 pounds will likely be cozy in It. It has a high backrest to aid the neck support for taller people.

And the seat is wide with greater depth. So, the company directly aims at heavy users.

8. 4D Armrests

The AKRacing brand gained prominence with the most advanced technology. The 4D armrests have been a great addition as they are movable in all the imagined directions.

AK-Racing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

You can adjust them up and down, back and forth, sideways movements, and even rotate outward. Move it wherever you want. The thick and soft padding on top of it makes you like it even more.

9. Ergonomic Style

It has leather and foam padding on the back, and the backrest itself feels like a sofa. The cushions do a great job of making your life easy for continuous hours of intense gaming experience.

Lastly, the recliner does a perfect job. It reclines back smoothly with an upward push when you want to get up. And you can lock it at your desired position.

AK-Racing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

How to get full out of it?

If we talk about its padding, we get 4.5 inches of thick padding all over the chair, which is quite good. The foam density on the seat is 55kg/m³, and on the back, it is 50kg/m³.

It also meets the ANSI and BIFMA tests, which are durability tests to check whether they are up to the mark.

Pros and Cons


  • It can recline back at 180 degrees angle.
  • You can almost sleep on it with 4.5 inches thick padding under you.
  • High-density shaping foam made its seat more adorable than ever.
  • It provides the perfect comfort and posture for you.
  • A high tensile aluminum base was a unique feature, making this gaming chair extra durable.


  • You have got to be a bulky and tall person to use the best out of it.
  • Its armrests are not lockable. And they are highly adjustable, and they will move even if you press them by mistake.

How to Assemble AKracing Max Gaming Chair?

The assembly was pretty effortless. And it merely took only 20 minutes to wrap up all the work. The things inside the box came well protected. The instructions were straightforward, with a sketch of all the items and where to put them.

You need a screwdriver and a wrench to tighten up all the bolts.

  • ● It comes in six pieces with pillows and extra bolts.
  • First of all, connect the wheels to the base.
  • Attach the gas cylinders and then place the metal base on the bottom of the seat.
  • Tighten the screws on the bottom of the base.
  • Now join the backrest to the back and tighten the screws to make it firm.
  • Fix the armrests, and there you go; it is ready.

Alternative Options

  • Respawn RSP-400. It can also hold 400 pounds of weight on it. It comes with 3D arm supports and a 130° recliner at almost 300$.
  • The Dxracer Tank Series TS29 is a competitor of the max series, a heavy-duty beast with 4D arm supports and a 120° recliner at 620$.
  • KILLABEE Big and Tall. It also has an endurance of 400 pounds. With 3D armrests and a recliner of 155°, it costs 225$.

We know that you might find this chair perfect but have a side-by-side comparison with the GT901 gaming chair.

Bottom Line

It is a complete package if you’re a heavy person. And we know it’s onerous to find heavy-duty gaming seats as they all focus on making them durable, and their comfort level goes unnoticed.

But we can see their thoughts and efforts to make it a perfect all-rounder. I loved every feature, including its thick leather covering and thick padding. All of it is enchanting as it can recline at 180° with 4D adjustable armrests, but I wished they had a locking system.

Otherwise, it’s the best chair in this price range. Now get on and beat your opponents all day long.