AK-Racing Nitro Gaming Chair- A detailed Review 2022

AK Racing nitro gaming chair

When it comes to comfort, AK-Racing chairs are second to none. This AK-Racing nitro gaming chair is a more valuable investment as compared to office chairs. It provides a rhythmic atmosphere with a proper ergonomic design and features that will let you stay on it forever.

In this article, I will provide you with a complete review of the Nitro Gaming Chair by Akracing. Apart from the review, I’ll let you know how comfortable it is? And is it worth your money?

The First Look – A Masterpiece

Be ready to fall into its spell. I am not exaggerating, but there is no going back once you opt for the racing series. I ordered the Green Nitro racing Seat, and it was perfect.

The Premium PU leather adds more grace to its overall look. The frame comes up with anti-corrosive black paint. The fun part is that it took me only 20 minutes to assemble it without any help.

Technical Specifications of AK-racing Nitro

Mechanism Type Standard Mechanism
Adjustable Tilt Angle 3-18°
Tilt Lock Yes
Tilt Angle Lock No
Gas Lift Class Class 4 Gas Lift
Adjustable Back Angle Yes
Frame Material Metal
Frame Coating Anti-corrosive black paint
Cover Material Premium PU leather on the front and back
Foam Type High-Density Mold Shaping Foam
Foam Density 55 kg/m³ (seat) 50 kg/m³ (back)
Base Type Metal base
Meets/Exceeds ANSI/BIFMA Standards Yes
Warranty Length 5/10 years

Done with the overall technicalities, let’s have a detailed review of its features.

Features of AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair

1. Dimensions

Its dimensions are 22 x 19.6 x 52.7 inches. The seat dimensions are 27″ W × 21.2″ D.

The height from the ground ranges from 13.75 to 17.25 inches. And the backrest height is around 36.2 inches. Everything in it suits the users who are under 5’11”.

2. Material

Some people prefer PU Leather over any other fabric, and mostly the AK-Racing brand has the best upholstery over it.

What kind of upholstery does an ak-racing nitro gaming chair have?

An ak-racing nitro gaming chair has Premium PU Leather upholstery. It fancies you with leather, which even covers the back too. The upholstery has tight stitches, which are not easy to see. So the upholstery looks good in appearance.

AKRacing nitro gaming chair

Under it, thick high-density shaping foam is given, which takes the shape of your body and makes you exceedingly cozy.

3. Color Choices

It comes up with a whole bundle of choices for colors. And it can be bewildering for you to pick up a color. I spent hours deciding which color to pick. In the end, I went with Green color.

Available Color Options:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange
  • White

4. Maximum Weight Capacity

It can hold 330 pounds of weight. It somehow meets the standards of heavy-duty gaming chairs in terms of their resilience as heavy persons.

5. Adjustment Functions

Fortunately, it is highly adjustable, and once you sit on it, you will feel that you can make every part of it move as per your needs.

The armrests, the backrest, and everything move in all ways to let you find a suitable and comfortable posture for your better experience. The same experience can also be enjoyed by its competitor Respawn 400.

6. Armrests

There is a close competition between the 3D and 4D armrests, and many people don’t know the difference.

There is a slight difference of only one movement that 4D can’t rotate inwards or outwards, but 3D doesn’t allow us to do that.

The only trouble I went through with it was that they don’t have any padding over the armrests.

What type of armrest does the nitro gaming chair offer?

The nitro gaming chair offers Adjustable 3D. You can adjust them up and down, back and forth, and sideways movement. They are easily adjustable, and you won’t find any frustration over this.

AK-racing nitro chair with 3D armrests

How to adjust the armrest according to your needs?

There is a button on the right side to adjust its height, while other movements are manual. You have to move it by force without any knob as they are hand-based.

7. Reclining Ability

You have to agree that It is undoubtedly the best thing you will love the most. About its operating functions, there is a lever on the right side that you can use to lock the recliner at one angle with ease.

AK-racing nitro reclining gaming chair

How much can an AK-racing nitro gaming chair recline back?

It can recline back at a 180° angle. It is the maximum reclining degree. You can almost lay down on it, and with thick padding on it, it will feel like heaven. It reclines back freely without putting any pressure. You’ll have a true gaming experience. And, you won’t feel like sitting on an office chair because that is what all the games want.

8. Control Panel

You can look for the control panel on the right side to adjust it in almost all ways.

Unlike some expensive options, it is highly adjustable in all quadrants, unlike some expensive options. You will find a seat height adjusting black lever with a mark on it on the right side.

9. Seat Adjustment

You can easily adjust the height to move it up and down by pulling this lever. The lowest height setting is 13.75″, and the highest is 17.25″.

Moreover, there is a tilt locking lever on the right side. To lock the backrest at one specific angle as it comes up with an advanced mechanism that allows you to do that.

It has a swivel rotation of 360°.

10. Comfort and Ergonomics

This best gaming seat helps you enjoy your experience the most in a worry-free mode. And it is full of all the rich and exciting features to make you like it more than anything else in your setup.

Pneumatic Hydraulic Gas Springs.

It possesses a Class 4 Gas Lift. It has Pneumatic Hydraulic gas springs to resist sudden pressure and weight. It can satisfactorily carry loads of less than 300 pounds.

11. Foam and Padding

We get 4 inches of thick padding all over the chair if we talk about the padding, which is quite good. The foam density is 55kg/m³, and on the back, it is 50kg/m³.

12. Adjustable Cushions

The cushions make your life easy in continuous hours of intense adventure by providing you with the utmost stable posture. The neck and lumbar cushions are adjustable and mushy.

You will get adequate support from them so that your body does not get exhausted and absorb the tension and your muscles remain relaxed.

13. Build Quality of Nitro Chair

It is a perfectly balanced and durable gaming chair as it can hold a maximum weight of 330 pounds.

The metal frame on top of it makes everything even more delightful, which provides a sturdy and athletic interior that can last longer without losing its charm.

It also meets the ANSI and BIFMA tests.

14. Metal Base and Wheels

It comes up with 2.5 inches wide casters and a high tensile metal base to make it sturdy and resilient, along with a metal frame.

AK-racing nitro gaming chair with metal body

 It will be justified to say that the build quality is good enough for all ages. The wheels are fluent and ergonomically rhythmic, with an edgy design to roll over any surface.

15. Compelling Design

Other than its features, there is still more to like. It is a racing car style design with a bucket seat that evenly distributes your weight.

The leather is breathable and highly cozy, which prevents excessive sweating.

Pros and Cons of AK-racing Nitro

It provides a balanced overall package, but it lacks in one part here unluckily. I felt the company should have paid heed to it, and if they had filled it up, it would have been the best product among all in this brand.


  • It is the cheapest gaming chair of the AKRacing brand.
  • It can lean back at 180 degrees angle, making you stretch and ease your muscles back and relax anytime.
  • The metal base and framework were impressive, and it is sturdy from all points of view.


  • The armrests don’t have any padding on them. They are not very comfortable, and everything on them is plastic.
  • They are not as durable as metal frames.

It is one of the best gaming seats available right now in the market.

Typically suitable for middle-sized people who are not too heavy or tall. You cannot consider this heavy-duty gaming chair as shorter in dimensions than others.

The age group of 15 to 30 is perfect. With a weight limit of 300 pounds and a height of up to 5’11”. It only targets this group of people that don’t exceed any limit.

How much does AK- Racing Nitro cost?

You can find this product on Amazon for 299$ other than delivery charges. It is the cheapest option of the AK-Racing brand with all competing and compelling features.

This best affordable gaming chair will amuse you all day long once you start using it.

How long is the warranty?

Every product of the AK-Racing brand comes up with a warranty. And if you get to face any issues, you can contact the brand’s customer service.

The Nitro chair comes up with a 10-years warranty on the metal frame. And 5 years for the accessories. In case of any inconvenience, you can claim it to receive a replacement/refund of your product without any complications.

Final Verdict

This Nitro gaming seat of the AK-Racing brand is full of commendable features, pleasing design, and affordable prices that strengthen its worth.

It undoubtedly competes with many higher-priced available options and beats many of them by providing you all day long comfort. The reclining ability, metal base, and durability are compelling, and they will tempt you to it. And sure to help you acquire a perfect posture.

Despite suffering from one or two drawbacks about its armrests, it is still one of the finest options in this price range.