How to assemble a gaming chair?

assembling of a gaming chair

If you are a pro gamer, you must be highly conscious of your gaming gadgets. But, your whole gaming system is incomplete if you don’t have a gaming chair.

Ever thought of buying a new gaming chair but didn’t buy it due to the difficult assembly procedure? Or maybe you have a gaming chair but don’t know how to set it up for comfortable gaming sessions?

Well, assembling a gaming chair is not a challenging task at all. Here is a complete article to inform you about the set-up of a gaming chair and how easiest it is to gather all the parts correctly. Let’s begin.

Steps to assemble a gaming chair?

1.   Unbox all the material

So, when you receive your chair at your doorstep, the first thing you have to do is to unbox it. Place all the parts in a clean and spacious area. Later unpack all the details carefully.

2.   Read the Instructions Book

While unpacking, you will find a booklet from the manufacturer. This book contains all the necessary instructions to assemble your gaming chair correctly.

Read all the steps carefully and follow them to gather all the parts accordingly. So, your chair will serve you for years.

3.   Connect Chair Base & Wheels

Starting from the chair’s base, hold the bottom and insert the wheels in all the given sockets correctly, as mentioned in the instructions book.

4.   Hook up the Gas Lift

The gas lift with a few big screws and two side covers, organize them according to the instructions, and then tightly screw all the bolts so that your chair may not get broken or produce a squeaky sound. 

5.   Install the Tilt Mechanism

The next step is to install the tilt mechanism on the left side of our chair’s seat—a pre-installed tool that connects to the backrest.

Read the instructions from the booklet, flip your seat, and you will find some sockets. All you have to do is to install your tilt mechanism and screw all the nuts tightly with a screwdriver.

6.   Fix the Armrests

The easiest step is to fix the armrests. The adjustable armrests which you can adjust according to your arm size. Now one by one, attach both the right and left arm rests and tightly screw all the bolts, and it’s almost done.

7.   Join the Backseat

The second-last step is to join the backseat with the chair’s seat. You need to carefully screw all the bolts tightly and firmly according to the given instructions in the manual. And your chair is almost ready for your happy gaming hours. 

8.   Attach the Base with the Chair

The final step is to hook up the Base with the chair. You have to correctly place the hole into the gas lift, which automatically fits. So, your chair is ready to use. 

Do’s and Don’ts While Assembling a gaming chair

Thoroughly read the instructions.Never push or pull the object.
Keep the product in the intended room.Do not use power tools like drills, electric screwdrivers, etc.
Keep children away from the work area.Avoid direct contact of parts with the floor to prevent scratches and damage.
Place all the nuts in a bowl to avoid any loss.Avoid an inexperienced person for the assembly of your chair.

Tips to Speed up your assembly process

So, you are excited to use your gaming chair and can’t wait for the lengthy assembling procedure. You must follow the steps:

  • Read the given instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes in a hurry.
  • Ask an expert to assemble your chair.
  • Place all the products and parts in an expansive broad room.
  • Keep all the necessary tools in your reach.
  • Two persons working together can also speed up the process. 

If you follow the above steps, the assembly of your chair will end up in less than 30 minutes. So, you can enjoy entertaining gaming hours on your comfortable and brand-new gaming chair.

Hurdles during the assembly of a gaming chair

The bottlenecks you might face while assembling your chair are:

  • Not knowing the procedure to assemble.
  • An inexperienced person will end up causing damage to your chair
  • Any missing part of the chair.
  • Absence of the required tools for assembly.
  • Less space to place the products in an organized manner.

If you find any part missing, you need to call the manufacturer. Or you can also ask the company seller to assemble your chair to avoid hurdles.

Gaming Chair Assembly FAQs

1.   Is it hard to assemble a gaming chair?

No, a gaming chair is not hard to assemble at all. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the booklet and fix the parts accordingly. Make sure to set the screws tightly to avoid any trouble.

2.   How to disassemble a gaming chair?

You can disassemble a gaming chair easily with a small hammer and screwdriver. First, knock with a hammer and detach the gas lift and chair. Then, open all the screws and carefully place all the parts if you need them again.

3.  How long does it take to assemble a gaming chair?

It takes less than 30 minutes to assemble a gaming chair. You can quickly attach all the chair pieces by following the instructions given in the gaming chair manual. All the screws and tools to fix the chair are already in the box from the company.
So, you can quickly fix your chair without difficulty and without wasting time.

4.   Is it difficult to assemble a gaming chair?

Assembling a gaming chair is not a difficult task. All you have to do is appropriately connect all the parts and handle them with care.
Make sure not to miss any piece or screw that may cause trouble. You can also get your chair to be fixed by an expert.

5.   What tools do we need during the assembly process?

We only need the gaming chair tool kit, a screwdriver, and an open wrench during the gaming chair assembly.

6.   How to assemble a Shuanghu gaming chair?

The assembly of Shuanghu gaming chairs is relatively easy. Follow the given steps:
●     Attach the wheels to the base.
●     Place the Hydraulic gas lifter inside the base.
●     Hold the seat and fix the tilt mechanism on the left side.
●     Attach armrests on both sides.
●     Join the backrest with the chair.
●     Add the headrest, lumbar cushion, and neck cushion. 
●     Connect the chair with the base swivel.

7.   How to assemble a gt racing gaming chair?

To assemble a GT racing chair, you need to follow the instructions given in the gaming chair manual.
By carefully reading the manual, attach the casters, base, wheels, backrest, and seat properly, and don’t forget to tighten the screws. You can also set up x rocker gaming chairs with the same procedure. 

Final Thoughts

From the above article, you must clearly state that assembling a gaming chair is not difficult. You only need to follow the manual carefully.

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