DX-Racers King Series Gaming Chair Review 2021

DX-Racer King Series

The K-series of Dxracer, known as the DX-Racers King series, is one of their masterpieces in this section. It is their highest selling gaming chairs series with record-holding sales figures. Its design is what makes it look more appealing and enchanting. In this detailed review, we will look for all the details thoroughly to see if it lies up to expectations or not.

The DX-Racer King Series (KS06) is distinctive from other gaming seats of this brand, with better features and long-term availability. Maybe that’s why they gave it the name of “King”, as it is more supercilious than others.

For tall and heavy persons, DX-Racer launched two series:

The King Series chair has a high backrest and broader width to shape tall and big users. It has better adjustment functions, a robust and sturdy frame, and a King-like design to make it royal and majestic. 

DX-Racer king series gaming chair

Specs of the DX-Racer King Series

Dimensions 32 x 26 x 50 inches  
Size Max Size
Item Weight 65 pounds
Maximum Weight Capacity Up to 275 pounds
Recommended Height 6’3 Inches
Cover Material Carbon Look Vinyl & Polyurethane Leather
Mechanism Type Multi-functional Tilt 
Gas Lift Class 4
Base 27.5″ Wide Aluminum Base
Casters 3″ Caster/PU
Frame Metal
Eco-conscious Less Harsh Chemicals/REACH Certificate
Meets/Exceeds ANSI/BIFMA Standards Yes

Features of the DX-Racers King Series Gaming Chair

1. Dimensions

This chair comes up with dimensions of 28 × 28 × 54 inches, and we can tell by looking at the numbers that it can fit even tall and wide people. 

The seat size is 16″W and 21.5″D. With that, the backrest height is 33.5″. The seat seems spacious and wide enough, and the backrest is high to aid proper support to the neck and the head.

2. 4D Armrests

DX-Racer gained prominence with the most advanced technology in its armrests. The 4D armrests are movable in all the imagined directions. You can adjust them up and down, back and forth, sideways movement, and even rotate inwards or outwards. 

DX-Racer king series gaming chair

The thick and soft padding on top of it makes you like it even more.

The only problem I faced with it was that it has a plastic body. Due to this rationale, you may get a cheap feeling. Armrests don’t feel sturdy, and it feels like they will crack if you put too much weight on them. 

3. Reclining Feature

It reclines as much as 135 degrees.

The eye-catching feature is the multi-tilt mechanism, where you can rock the tall backrest in a smooth and calming manner. There is a push that helps it come back to its original position after using the recliner.

DX-Racer king series reclining gaming chair

Other than that, it also comes up with a seat tilt locking mechanism. It means that you lock your seat at the desired position between 0 to 30 degrees. 

4. Material

All the gaming chairs of Dxracer have PU leather on them. And who doesn’t like leather? I loved it. The leather is thick and soft, and it does not give any cheap feeling. 

DX-Racer Ergonomic gaming chair

PU leather is the remainder of the original leather added with grains of genuine leather to make it look like the real one.

After all of it is done, Polyurethane coating is applied to make it glossy and shiny. It requires less maintenance and works as fine as the original leather. 

5. Color Variants

It comes up with numerous color variants. You can find it on Amazon in Red/Black and Black colors. All the colors look splendid, but I preferred to have Black to fit with my gaming setup and room interior.

6. Holes in KS06

Unlike many other gaming chairs, it comes up with ergonomically designed two holes in the backrest making it more comfortable for sitting

Technically, these holes are used to tie the straps of the headrest pillow. You can tie up the straps around the holes and even around the backrest too.

holes in DX-Racer

The Myntra BehinD Holes!

Apart from this, these holes also help in regulating airflow for making better conditions for your improved gaming experience. In a warm climate, when your back stays in direct contact with the backrest, you’re likely to sweat. 

And it’s a crucial drawback that sets gamers away from gaming. No one likes to play games in sweaty and stinky conditions. So, these holes play a vital part there. It somehow assists in ameliorating the posture for you.

7. Neck and Lumbar Pillows

The neck pillow is tied over the backrest, but if you want to bring it down a bit, you can go through the holes too. But there is an issue that you can’t bring the neck pillow further down. 

The cushions are thick and soft, and you will find no complaints about them. The lumbar pillow is adjustable either way as per your preference. 

Therefore, they are up to the standard and provide a good comfortable posture.

8. Fluent Rolling Wheels

You will see 3 inches-wide casters with a 27.5″ aluminum base to support the upper half. The base feels sturdy and well-built, and you won’t feel that it may fall off if you put much weight on it. 

DX-Racer gaming chair

Casters come up with plastic covers for their additional shielding. The wheels are edgy and smooth, and they will easily roll over even the carpet. 

9. Adjustment and Control Buttons

You can look for the control buttons to adjust it in every possible way that you want. On the right side, you will find a seat height adjusting lever. You can pull the black lever to adjust the seat height. 

DX-Racers king series

The lowest height setting is 19″, and the highest is 22″. Moreover, there is a tilt locking lever to fix the backrest at one angle. It has a swivel rotation of 360°, whose mechanism is built directly under the seat. We won’t see this supportive feature in the competitors like AK-racing core chairs.

10. Durability and Longevity of the DX-Racer King Series

This chair has passed the test of BIFMA Standards, and it also meets ANSI Standards. 

It is full of high-quality specifications that make it durable and resilient, way more than the standard. It can hold a maximum of 275 pounds. 

The leather fabric also helps in this matter by allowing us to take advantage of thick and durable leather to make it long-lasting. Other than that, it has a 27.5″ broad aluminum base and 3″ wide casters to make it smooth and sustainable against all damages. 

The metal frame adds to its durability. It forms a perfect combination of a metal frame with leather fabric on top of it. 

Pros and Cons


  • Durability is its hallmark to have passed all tests to gain the customer’s trust.
  • The adjustability also can’t go unseen. The armrests are adjustable in all possible directions, and they move smoothly.
  • Padding all over is the real magic. 4-inches thick cushions and padding make it more comfortable than you can imagine.


  • Armrests have a plastic interior, which feels cheap. And they don’t look to be durable.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can find it on Amazon for 510$. It is one of their finest products, and every rich product has a high cost. 

It became their selling product with the best customer reviews. At first, I also thought it to be overpriced. But once you start using it, you will change your perception.

Was the DX-Racer King series Chair Comfortable Enough?

Guess what? It was more comfortable than I expected. Honestly, I did not anticipate, for once, that it would be comfortable like this. The soft and thick padding all over does wonders for you. 

Let me amuse you with the actuality that this best gaming chair has 4 inches deep and plentiful padding all over it. You won’t get the feeling of sinking into the padding, and they are not firm either. 

The backrest itself feels like a seat as they both have the same thick padding. It is adjustable in every way to make it work as you want. It reclines up to 135 degrees to give you a relaxing time between those intense gaming times.

How To Set it Up?

The assembly was simple and straight, and you will know where every piece will fit. You merely have to connect the pieces now, and each bolt has a letter printed on it to give directions. All of this will hardly take around 20 minutes of yours, and it will be ready. 

The estimated assembling tile on the website is less than 30 minutes including the formula series.

It’s a one-person task without any frustration as you will lead to the next step on your own. An instruction manual will also come in the box to show how to build it and use it.

Warranty Queries

This chair is safe with the Dxracer, and if you get to face any issues, you can claim the warranty to acquire what you desire.

It comes up with a Lifetime Warranty for the metal frame and a 2-years of warranty for the accessories. You can receive a refund or the replacement of your product without any complications. But you have to use it according to the given instructions. Otherwise, the warranty will not apply.

You have to apply for the warranty within 30 days of ordering. And it may take 1 to 3 working days to process your warranty claim.

Bottom Line

I’ll have a say that if you can afford it, nothing is better than that. No doubt that this best gaming chair will make you feel like a King in it. 

Overall, it is full of rich features that you can almost recommend to anyone. But all of this matters if you’re a tall guy.  Otherwise, that may look overpriced to you as paying 500$ may seem unnecessary.