How much do Gaming Chairs Cost?

Gaming chair cost

Being a professional gamer, you might spend several hours sitting in front of the computer. A comfortable sitting chair is what you need the most for long gaming sessions.

However, you must be confused regarding a gaming chair as they are available in a wide variety, with many ergonomic features and varying price tags.

You might be wondering how much a good gaming chair costs? If they are budget-friendly or not? We will tell you about a good gaming chair with an average budget and exclusive features.

Gaming chairs are designed with high reclined backrests, armrests, and lumbar support with adjustability features and comfortable sitting for prolonged hours.

How much does an average gaming chair cost?

According to the desired characteristics, they can cost up to $1000. But, an average gaming chair can cost between $300 to $500 with all elements. All you need is to do thorough research before buying.

However, a chair costing $100 might attract you with its bright colors and design, but it may last a few weeks or months because of the low-quality material used in its making. So, an affordable gaming chair, i.e., $300 to $500, will give you a good experience with all the added features.

Is it worth buying a gaming chair?

Yes, for sure, gaming chairs are worth buying for good health and a good body posture. The high backrest, adjustable heights, and lumbar support with cushions are what everybody needs for a comfortable sitting.

They are best for long gaming hours, and even these chairs can be used as office chairs.

Which brands offer gaming chairs?

Here is a list of brands offering high-quality gaming chairs ranging from average price tags to much higher price tags.

  • Secretlab
  • Corsair
  • Andaseats
  • Noble chairs
  • DXRacer
  • Razer
  • Vertagear
  • Herman Miller
  • GT Omega Racing

From the above list, the two most famous brands are Secretlab and DXRacer.

Secretlab vs. DXRacer

Both brands are well-reputed because of the different series of high-quality chairs.

These are available in a wide variety according to size, height, weight, design, and price tags.

You can also go for the Secretlab Titan gaming chair and the DXRacer racing series, as they are considered the best and are used by streamers and YouTubers.

However, Secretlab chairs are considered more comfortable and ergonomic and are available at affordable prices than DXRacer.

Branded Gaming Chairs under Affordable price tags

While buying a gaming chair, you might think, why a branded chair and a local chair are different? But, a key difference is that branded chairs offer more durability, are long-lasting, and have more ergonomic features. You can also sell a branded chair after you get bored.

Furthermore, a regional chair does not provide durability. They are more prone to break easily and have fewer ergonomic features.

Under $ 100Under $200Under $300Under $500
Homall Gaming ChairRESPAWN 110 Pro Racing Style Gaming ChairAKRacing Core Series EXRespawn 200
Furmax High-Back Gaming ChairGT RACING 890 MFGT Omega EliteVertagear SL 5000
Furmax Leather Gaming ChairHealgen Gaming Chair  AutoFull Pink Gaming ChairDXRacer formula series
Cadca Gaming ChairVitesse ergonomic gaming chairDepointer life reclinerCORSAIR T2 road warrior

Which is the most expensive gaming chair?

Ergo-Quest Zero Gravity gaming chairs are the most expensive gaming chairs. These chairs cost so high, i.e., $12000 to $19990, because of the exceptional ergonomic features.

Most importantly, the dome-shaped motor allows the user to change the center of gravity. So, If you are a professional gamer and can afford such a costly chair, Ergo-Quest is worth buying.

These chairs are mainly designed to maintain a neutral body posture while preventing strain on your spine and lower back and promoting blood circulation throughout the body.

Benefits of high price gaming chairs

You might be wondering what features high-end gaming chairs possess? What’s the difference between a cheap and an expensive gaming chair?

Well, some of the benefits of high price chairs are given below:

Cheap Gaming chair under $100Expensive gaming chair under $500
Plastic frameDurable metal frame
Low-quality fabricPU Leather, Meshed fabric
Uncomfortable for long sitting hoursComfortable for long hours
Less adjustable heightsHighly adjustable and reclining backrest
2D armrest3D or 4D armrests
No added cushionsCushions added for lumbar back & neck
Low-quality sponge foamHigh-quality cold cure foam
Weight capacity up to 300lbsUp to 400lbs and even more.

How much you should spend on a gaming chair?

A decent gaming chair can cost you up to $300 to $500 as they offer more comfortable sitting for prolonged gaming sessions. It often depends upon your budget and how much time you spend while sitting.

If you can afford high-end chairs, up to $600 are ergonomically best, providing support and flexibility. With much research and care, you can even find budget-friendly chairs for under $200.

Final Verdict

Gaming chairs are expensive but more durable and ergonomic. Once spent, a few more dollars can give you long-lasting comfort.

From the above article, you might have an idea about the price differences and, gaming chairs are costly but worth buying instead of compromising your health and comfort.

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