Top 11 Best Gaming Chairs With Speakers

Gaming Chairs with speakers

Nowadays, having speakers in your gaming chair is a must-have feature. That’s because this is what sets you apart from the competition and provides an enjoyable online gaming experience. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a good time while playing games?

Speakers’ gaming chairs have a variety of advantages, from enjoying high-quality sound to being able to chat without ever needing to pick up the microphone. They also come in a wide range of colors and are customized to fit any gamer’s style.

What is a Gaming Chair with Speakers?

The first question pops up in the mind of a person who has been using a regular office chair for ages. Well, things have upgraded over time. It’s not like an old tedious gaming setup where you are playing video games with headphones on. The gaming setup has altered dramatically, and gaming chairs with speakers have overtaken the old Setup. Therefore, if your chair has a great sound system, it will assuredly take your gaming experience to a higher level. The speakers are primarily in the headrest or backrest, and some chairs give functioning buttons on the side. They offer you wired and wireless connections.

Why do you need it? 

The main advantage of gaming chairs with speakers is that they create a plunging surround sound system that feels like a home theatre for your gaming setup within your gaming chair. Moreover, you’ll be able to get rid of your old headphones, which you have to wear all day which can cause earache and discomfort.

Speakers are in the headrest or backrest, which gives you a clear 3D sound that will be soothing for your ears. Therefore, your gaming experience will enhance if your gaming chair comes up with speakers and vibration. Furthermore, if you’re working from home, a gaming chair with speakers will surely help you in meetings where you need high-quality audible sound without wearing headphones.

Using headphones all day can have complications for your ears, which can damage your eardrums, compromising your hearing abilities. Thus, this chair will save you from all these troubles. 

Types of Speakers In A Gaming Chair 

The speakers in gaming chairs come in a wide range of diversities. 

Speaker 2.0

Speaker 2.0 comes with two channels, a left, and right stereo sound system. 2.0 is a standard and old sound system with two speakers and will produce two different sounds for an excellent stereo surround sound system. 

Speaker 2.1

Soundbar with a 2.1 sound system consists of 2 channels and a subwoofer for a discrete bass sound and provides low-frequency effects to your sound system to make your gaming experience more enchanting. It consists of a subwoofer that can help you fill out the depth of the audio. Hence, providing you with rich sound with the best stereo sound.

Speaker 3.1

This sound system consists of three channels, and they have a separate subwoofer for enhancing the depth of your sound and better bass quality. The two Channels are located on the right and left, and the third channel is present. This authentic sound adds immersion to the sound system and consequently enhances your gaming experience. 

Speaker 4.1

It is the updated version of 2.1 and will provide you with the best opportunity to enjoy the stereo sound of the highest quality.

Speaker 5.1

It comes with five channels and a subwoofer. This feature’s main highlight is its two back speakers, which provide more refined sound quality from the rear, which is better than all discussed before. Moreover, it also offers low-frequency effects. Hence, this speaker is most commonly used and is in high demand; mostly home theatres and computers use this speaker, leading to better sound quality. 

Best Position of Speakers 

Some people like to have speakers in the headrest but

Does it worth having thought it over?

Best position of speakers on a gaming chair.

Sure, for diehard gamers, it does. The best position for a gaming chair speaker is to be at the Back or on the sides of the Backrest. So that you get equal sound in both of your ears; otherwise, if it is on one side, you may feel like you’re only listening with one ear, and another ear seems not to be working. And even after the game, that ear appears to be ringing. Hence, the best position for a speaker in a gaming chair is on the sides.

Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers

Let’s discuss what the ten best gaming chairs with speakers that you can buy are: 

We are primarily concerning X rocker gaming chairs in our list as most of the gaming chairs are made from the X rocker brand. They have been producing quality and well-known gaming chairs since 2005. Since then, they have gained massive fame in this department, becoming market leaders in gaming chairs through their quality products and gaining customers’ trust. So, we are going to discuss mostly X-rocker gaming chairs and some others too.

ImageProduct & FeaturesBuy

1. VON Racer Rocking Video Gaming Chair

  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 2 Speakers with 4 subwoofers.
  • Pounds weight capacity.

2. X Rocker, 5110301, Eclipse Floor Rocker

  • 2.0 Bluetooth Audio System.
  • 2 Speakers.
  • Budget-friendly.

3. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal

  • 2.1 Speakers with 4 Subwoofers.
  • Compatible with Xbox,
  • Pressure Relieving base.

4. X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Leather Gaming Chair

  • AFM Technology.
  • 275 Pounds weight capacity.
  • Foldable and Easy to store.

5. X Rocker Surge Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Chair

  • 2 Forward-facing Speakers with 4 Subwoofers.
  • 275 Pounds weight capacity.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Receiver Connection.

6. X Rocker Pedestal Extreme lll 2.1 Gaming Chair

  • Stabilizing Armrest.
  • 2 Forward-facing Speakers with 4 Subwoofers.
  • AFM Technology.

7. X Rocker Drift Wireless Black and White

  • Compatible with smart devices, TV, CD, DVD, Blu-ray,and MP3 players.
  • 275 Pounds weight capacity.
  • 2 Speakers with 4 Subwoofers.

8. X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Sound Wired Chair

  • 2 In-Built Speakers.
  • AFM Technology.
  • Foldable and Easy to store.

9. X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Gaming Chair

  • AFM Technology.
  • Wireless Connection.
  • 240 Pounds weight capacity.

10. X Rocker 5129101 2.1 Sound Wireless

  • 2 Speakers with 4 subwoofers.
  • 275 Pounds weight capacity.
  • Wireless Audio transmission.

11. Giantex Leisure Gaming Chair

  • Very Comfortable
  • Impressive Quality
  • Wireless Speakers

1. VON Racer Rocking Chair – Best For High Back Support

Fantasy lab brand is an affordable luxury gaming chairs producing brand providing you with comfortable high-quality material chairs and other gaming accessories. This chair comes up with a pedestal base,  2.1 high-tech audio speakers, and a subwoofer to take your gaming experience to another level. Moreover, it is foldable for your own needs if you want to free up some space in your room and provides high back support with an ergonomic design.

This chair is specially designed for console gamers as it’s pretty low than other chairs to execute a better gaming experience by providing support and leveling up the comfort level so you can sit and have the pleasure of playing video games on this chair. 

Von Racer rocking style ps4 gaming chair with speakers


What about its speakers? Are they worth it? These gaming chairs come up with 2.1 speakers, which comprise 2 speakers and a subwoofer that brings bass production to this chair. Moreover, this chair provides a stereo sound system that grants you the honor of enjoying music with high quality and full, rich sound.

The two speakers are embedded in the headrest, while the 4″ subwoofer is built-in near the backrest to provide you surrounding sound system. Thus, laying out a low rumble to intensify your gaming and music experience. This innovative chair features recline support so you can adjust it to your desired position a headrest pillow that cradles your neck while you play.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Furthermore, this chair comes up with Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your gaming chair with your Xbox PS4 or PC, and for this, you need to know how to connect the gaming chair with ps4 or Xbox. Bluetooth connectivity provides you with wireless audio transmission, saving you from connecting wires to the TV or chair, saving you from all the mess consequently. So, enjoy wireless Bluetooth-connected music or gaming experience with high-quality sound and better bass production than other speakers. Speakers are clear and loud, making your gaming chair a home theatre without taking any extra space.

Ergonomic Design

This chair has an ergonomic design for better comfort, and 360-degree swivel rotation around a metal base provides you with a comfortable angle to sit and relax with ease. The padded armrests and the headrest can be adjusted and fixed on the back if not in use. 

Comfort Level

The chair is very comfortable. It is made of a metal frame, a high back that is well padded, with a high-density sponge, offering better support and comfort for your head and back to allow you to sit on this gaming chair for hours without getting yourself tired up. 

Maximum Capacity

This chair has a seat depth of 20.5 inches and seating area dimensions of 20.8″ × 20.5″ (L × W) with a maximum capacity of 270 pounds, making it a very comfortable chair for smaller people, especially teenagers.

Technical Specifications

Item weight47.9 pounds
Speakers2 Speakers near the Headrest
Seat Depth20.5 inches
Maximum Capacity275 pounds
Seat MaterialFoam

If you’re a music lover and a great sound system matters to you, then this is your pick, providing you with a stereo sound system with enhanced bass production. However, this chair may have some minor drawbacks but maybe not be of significant concern to you. This chair is worth every cent. 


  • 360° swivel rotation.
  • Thick foam for lumbar support and headrest.
  • Padded armrests.
  • 2.1 speakers with 4” subwoofers.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • High-quality metal frame for its durability.
  • Extra headrest.


  • No height adjustment.
  • Not highly compatible with heavy and wide users.

2. X Rocker 5110301 Chair with Speakers – Best Lightweight

This gaming chair is of brand X rocker, which comes with 2.0 Bluetooth speakers and an audio system mounted on the headrest, providing you the immersion of sound and high-quality audible sound. It moves and reclines very quickly and is very compatible with carrying it around as it’s lightweight. 

Eclipse Floor Rocker Black and silver Gaming chair with Bluetooth speakers


This chair comprises a 2.0 BlueTooth Audio System mounted on the headrest for a better position for perceiving clear and high-quality sound.

This chair is compatible with most devices like Nintendo, PS3, and most gaming systems and wireless gaming appliances so that you can enjoy a better gaming experience, music, movies and TV, and much more. The 2.0 speaker doesn’t come up with a subwoofer for a stereo sound, unlike the Von racing rocker gaming chair, which comes up with 2.1 speakers and a subwoofer. However, the speaker’s AFM technology magnifies sound and makes it loud and clear, thus intensifying your gaming experience. 

Furthermore, this chair does not have any armrests, which is unusual for a gaming chair. We discussed that gaming chairs are coming into the market with padding armrests for your comfort and to compete with other brands and get their place in the customer’s priority. But these chairs make this chair to be used as lounge chairs and watch movies and TV. 

This chair provides greater comfort due to its L shape and allows you to be comfortable playing position for as long as you want. This chair’s reclining ability is quite good and makes you cozy once you get in this chair, and you’ll feel like you can sit here all day without any hesitation. The material used here is plastic which is relatively cheap compared to the metal used for its durability.

The unique thing about this chair is its ability to fold down and store which saves up a lot of your space which is not common in other gaming chairs. For instance, if you’re done watching a movie in the lounge, you can fold it down and store it somewhere else if you don’t need it.

Technical Specifications

Item weight24.5 pounds
Speakers2.0 Bluetooth Audio System  
Maximum Capacity275 pounds
ColorBlack/ Silver
Warranty1 year

This chair is relatively low in the price range than other gaming chairs, but it also takes away many features that other gaming chairs offer. If you want a gaming chair with a low budget in your pocket, then this chair is good to go for you. But if you’re looking for a fine caliber chair, we won’t recommend you a chair. 


  • Better Comfort
  • Storage saver
  • Reclining feature
  • Versatile Design
  • Budget-friendly


  • No armrests
  • Plastic material
  • Only suitable for kids

3. X Rocker 51396 Pro Gaming Chair – Best Comfortable

As mentioned earlier, in our list, we would mainly discuss X-rocker brands gaming chairs. 

So, this chair also comes up from a similar brand. Its features include a pedestal base, headrest, vibrating chair with 2.1 speakers, a subwoofer, ergonomic high-back support, and foldable.

X- rocker pro series wireless Bluetooth Audio pedestal gaming chair with speakers and vibration


The chair comes up with 2.1 speakers and a 4″ subwoofer, a loudspeaker that generates low-pitched audio frequencies, generally known as bass. The frequencies are usually lower than those which a woofer produces. If you want to add more depth to the sound system than a regular two-channeled stereo, then you must have a subwoofer in your Sound System so you can enjoy movies or games with heavy bass. The placement of speakers are in the headrest, and the subwoofer uses AMF technology.

Moreover, this chair has vibration motors to produce a solid full-body sensation. And vibrations rumble from the back of your head along with sound, which creates a great environment and makes you enjoy music or movie. The vibration reverberates in all right places and feels like an extremely loud and explosive subwoofer that is so much better than a soundbar placed with a TV. For instance, if you’re watching a movie and a gunshot scene comes, you will enjoy the bass and vibrations and feel it. The vibration strength is quite appreciated in this chair. 

Besides, It has a built-in wireless radio receiver and wireless transmitter. Volume and bass controls are in the Control Panel. The chair is foldable, just like the others we discussed. Faux leather is a plus point for this chair and somehow saves this chair in durability concerns.

The chair is compatible with most gaming consoles. However, one thing of concern is that it needs an extra something to connect to Xbox. Xbox One doesn’t have any RCA jack, you will need to buy a 38.00 HDMI audio extractor, and then you’ll be able to connect it to Xbox One and enjoy a gaming experience.

Video Gaming

Experience an upgraded level of gaming with X-Rocker audio and motion. With this Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 swivel chair, you can feel the game through powerful speakers that pump out booming bass and high-quality sound effects.

When you rock forward or backward in this chair, the vibrations are mimicked in-game, and the specially designed integrated subwoofer system gives you a tactile sensation while immersed in your favorite video game.

Technical specifications

Item weight49.9 pounds
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)28.5 x 23 x 23.5 inches
Speaker2 speakers with a 4” subwoofer
MaterialFaux leather

The chair has an excellent sound system with rumbling vibration. This chair amuses you with a great sound system and vibration to be in everyone’s priority but also lacks in certain departments. This chair is still in high demand and is full of entertainment that’s why this chair is our recommendation. However, I feel that if this chair were slightly less expensive, I would have put this chair as my top priority.


  • Swivel and tilt.
  • Faux leather.
  • Sound system and vibrations.
  • Lumbar and neck support.
  • Foldable and easy to store.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Arms are not padded and don’t support a bit heavy weight.
  • Arms are not adjustable.
  • The chair only reclines slightly.
  • No lower back support.

4. X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Leather – Best Leather Quality

The X Rocker Pro Series H3 comes with 4.1 audio and wireless speakers, with an ergonomic design and high and full back support with a headrest for your better comfort. The chair is relatively easy to clean with a leather covering and can connect to multiple gaming chairs and consoles. 

X-Rocker pro series H3 folding gaming chair with speakers


The chair comes up with a 4.1 audio speaker and 4″ subwoofer for powerful bass production and sound for complete immersion. Out of 4 speakers, the top 2 seem to do most of the work—the lower two Speakers work for the ambiance. The sound system is a remarkable feature of this chair that will gain your attention. It provides you with stereo sound with more depth as compared to others that we discussed.

4.1 audio speakers are better in quality and clarity and are loud. The four speakers and ported power subwoofer with Audio Force Modulation technology are placed in the open space inside the chair for better immersion and gaming experience. The chair is electronically very well built and has powerful and punchy bass.

The vibrations are synced with audio tones of bass to produce rumbling and full-body solid sensations. 

Equally important, this chair is much more comfortable. The leather quality is not perfect like other chairs. Although this chair comes up with faux leather.

The Control panel is fixed on the right side of this chair for you to control volume and bass accordingly. 

Technical Specifications 

Item Weight17.34 pounds
Size29 × 24 × 36
Maximum Capacity275 pounds
Speaker4.1 audio wireless speakers
Warranty1 year

The chair is pretty good. The chair offers good speakers, and the internal build quality is fine and gives you enough support. The perfect example of delivered value under this range. Its bonus If you get a discount and find this chair below 200$, you should consider this chair in your preference list.


  • 4.1 speakers with 4” subwoofer.
  • Foldable and easy to store.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable wood and metal frame.
  • Lumbar and neck support.
  • Compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii without any extra equipment.


  • Leather quality is not up to the mark and gets cracks over time.
  • No Bluetooth.

5. X Rocker Surge Bluetooth Gaming Chair – Best Easy To Use

The chair comes with Bluetooth wireless connectivity and connects with all sound devices via Bluetooth. The sound system is the hallmark of 2.1 speakers and 4” subwoofers along with Audio Force Modulation technology to magnify sound quality that will intensify your gaming experience. Faux leather and mesh upholstery, are used in the finishing of this chair. 

Surge Wireless rocking floor gaming chair


The chair almost has similar properties as we discussed earlier, but most of them are found in a single package. 2.1 speakers are used with 4″ subwoofers to make your gaming experience of higher quality. Bluetooth connectivity is the highlighting feature in this chair to make this chair use friendly. You can connect this chair to any mobile device via Bluetooth, within 30 feet range, to enjoy music, movies, and much more. Hence, it saves you much time to connect Aux cables with a chair and then with your phone.

Most of the time, you forget where you last dropped the Cable. So, its BlueTooth connectivity makes this chair user-friendly, and easy to use. Further, this chair is also used for movies and music if you don’t want to play games; this chair will amuse you. Audio Force Modulation technology includes speakers and subwoofers in the open space inside the gaming chair to magnify sound quality. 

Faux leather and mesh upholstery are unique features in this chair for better finishing and making this chair enchanting. Lumbar and neck support is for your better comfort; if you’re not comfortable, how will you enjoy anything while using this chair. 

Technical Specifications

Item weight36.16 Pounds
Overall Dimensions36.81 x 32.28 x 20.89 inches
Maximum Capacity275 pounds
ColorBlack/ Red piping

The chair used modern technology and is a great prospect. The sound system and Bluetooth connectivity value the money. We don’t think the chair is overpriced. Getting this chair with better comfort and great technology in this price range will be a good deal. 


  • 2.1 speakers
  • Faux leather and mesh upholstery
  • Bluetooth
  • Easily Foldable
  • Better comfort
  • Lumbar and neck support
  • Sleek and attractive design


  • Not compatible with Xbox, Wii. Requires an extra cable.
  • Headphones don’t get a better sound.

6. X Rocker Pedestal Gaming Chair – Best For Beginners Gamers

This chair is of Ace Casual brand known as the furniture making department for your comfort and ease. X rocker has associated with this category a decade ago, and they have been winning customers’ trust since then. These chairs will rock your home entertainment and gaming experience by bringing innovation, style, and comfort to your life. The pedestal extreme III gaming chair comes with a pedestal base and two speakers high-tech sound system and 4″ subwoofers, wireless and vibrating, foldable gaming chair with armrests and headrest.

Ace Casual, 5149201, Pedestal Extreme III Gaming Chair


Audio Force Modulation technology creates vibrational sound to intensify your gaming experience.

The chair has a great sound system with two speakers on the headrest and a 4″ subwoofer in the backrest. The vibration motors are synced with audio bass tones to intensify your gaming experience. The rumbling vibrations and Stereo Sound System take your gaming setup to another level, especially when you’re playing games like Fortnight, and Call of Duty. You have to listen to your enemy’s footsteps and actions, and the clarity of sound and vibrations will help in gunshot scenes in games or movies. You will feel every sound and every beat.

Additionally, this chair is foldable and can be easily stored. It comes with a pedestal base to provide you with a swivel and tilt.

The chair swivels and tilts for your comfort to sit on it for hours. Faux leather is an excellent choice for this chair, and the fabric is highly breathable, which increases its life. 

Moreover, the chair is compatible with most gaming devices, and you can connect it with your mobile phone. RCA cables are optional in this chair, an electronic connector sending audio and video signals to another device. If you want them, you have to order them too. The chair is effortless to assemble also and comes with padded armrests for your comfort. 

Technical specifications

Item weight18.3 Pounds
Overall dimensions29.13 x 16.14 x 30.91 inches
Maximum capacity275 pounds
Speakers2 speakers and 4 Subwoofers
ColorBlack/ red

Conclusively, this chair lacks some modern-day features like Bluetooth and is not compatible with Xbox and PS4. That’s the reason I have put this chair on the last of my list. But everyone doesn’t have the same priorities and if you have a low budget then this chair is good to go for you.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Padded armrests.
  • Swivels and tilt.
  • Breathable fabric.


  • Needs lower back support.
  • RCA cables don’t come with it.
  • Don’t rock up to the mark.

7. X Rocker Drift Wireless Black – Best Foldable

The chair is from the same brand that we have been discussing, X rocker, in black/white checkered flag color. It is foldable and has two speakers with 4” subwoofers for a better gaming experience with a high-tech sound system.

Drift Wireless Black and White Checkered Flag 2.1 video gaming chair rocker with speakers


The chair is easily foldable saves your space, and is very user-friendly. It is effortless and quick to assemble too. Item weight is quite adequate and can be carried around easily, such as if you want to watch a movie in the lounge, it will not be an issue for you to bring the chair from your room. Who doesn’t want to watch a movie in a comfy seat instead of your sofa? Everyone does.

Moreover, the chair is also for watching films, listening to music, and gaming experience. It comes with a great sound system, two speakers on the headrest, and a subwoofer in the backrest to enhance your gaming experience by providing clarity and loudness in the sound. The chair is compatible with Xbox One and Xbox 360.

A Control panel is given on the right side to control the sound system

Technical Specifications

Item Weight19.5 pound
Item dimension32.28 x 16.73 x 27.95 inches
MaterialVinyl, Breathable Mesh Foam
Seat Size (W x H)16 x 9 inches
Speakers2 speakers, 4 subwoofers

In the end, we think that this chair is a good fit. It is comfortable and low in the price tag as well; the sound system is excellent too. This chair will be a good buy.


  • Fast to assemble
  • Compatible with Xbox one and 360
  • Easily Foldable
  • Excellent sound System.


  • Not suitable for an adult

8. X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Sound Wired Foldable – Best Neck Support

X rocker extreme III foldable gaming chair with 2.0 speakers in black/red color. The Cheapest gaming chair ranges under $100.

Ace Casual, 5149101, Extreme III 2.0 blue gaming chair with speakers


The cheap gaming chair with speakers comes up with 2.0 speakers, and two speakers without any subwoofer for the stereo sound.

Audio Force Modulation technology is present to enhance your sound system and provide complete immersion. But they are not as good as 2.1 or 4.1, which we discussed earlier. The chair provides lumbar and neck support and is lightweight so that we can carry it around.

It doesn’t matter if you’re watching movies or playing games; you can use this chair for any purpose. Furthermore, the chair is foldable and saves your space a lot; you can fold it and store it in the cupboard when not in use.

Technical specifications

Item weight23.2 pounds
Overall Dimensions26 x 17.5 x 17 inches
Speakers2 speakers
Maximum Capacity275 pounds

If you don’t want to spend enough money and want a gaming chair, then this chair is perfect for you; this might be the cheapest gaming chair with speakers.


  • Easily Foldable.
  • Highly budget-friendly.
  • Lumbar and neck support.


  • No armrests.
  • Fabric is not durable.
  • No padding under the fabric.

9. X Rocker 5127401 Black Leather – Best Sound System

X rocker brand’s model 5127401 comes with two speakers and a 4″ subwoofer for astounding sound system performance; pedestal base, armrest and headrest, and black leather for the glossy and shiny appearance of this chair.

X Rocker, 5127401, SE 2.1 Black Leather pedestal Video Gaming Chair with speakers and vibration


This big and tall gaming chair comes up with 2.1 speakers, which are pretty better than the previous chair we discussed to make you like this chair even more. Subwoofers provide depth to the sound and make it a high-tech stereo sound system with AFM technology and have an audio transmission as well by which audio is transmitted to the monitor and output channels. The chair has armrests; unlike the last chair, the headrests are comfortable, with good lumbar and neck support. The faux leather used has given this chair a fresh look. 

Moreover, the pedestal base allows this chair to swivel and tilt for your comfort. This chair adjusts itself according to your body rather than forcing your body to change. The control panel hands you the authorization of controlling volume, bass, and input/ output jacks which connect your phone or music player to chair speakers, and headphone jack for your use.

So, stabilizing the armrests and pressure-relieving base to add extra comfort while enjoying a game or movie.

Technical Specifications

Item weight40.65 pounds or 18.44 Kilograms
Maximum capacity240 pounds
MaterialSynthetic, Faux leather

In the end, this chair is a good product, a slight issue is its comfort, but otherwise, the chair is fine. We won’t stop you from buying this chair, and it will be a good decision.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comfortable for tall and heavy people.
  • Stabilizing armrests.
  • Pressure-relieving base.
  • Easily connect to your phone.


  • Not compatible with Xbox 1S.
  • Don’t have a power cord plug so we need to use batteries.
  • Lumbar support is not good enough.

10. X Rocker 5129101 Sound Wireless Bluetooth – Best Lumber Support

This chair is the finest product of X rocker and this brand earned its fame because of these chairs that got the attention of everyone. This chair comes up with 2.1 speakers, Bluetooth 4, and a 4” subwoofer. Alongside, lumbar support, pivoting armrest, and swivel design come with it.

X rocker wireless video best gaming chair with speakers


you the most with stereo sound and rumbling vibration. The chair comes up with a built-in Bluetooth to allow you to connect it to your mobile devices, laptop, etc., and play audio wirelessly. The sound system uses Audio Force Modulation Technology, which places your speakers and subwoofer into the open space with the chair to magnify sound caliber and step up your gaming experience. Well, you will take full advantage of getting modern technology on a low budget.

RCA cables are also available with this chair to connect it to gaming consoles, and this chair is compatible with Wii, Nintendo, Xbox 360, and PS2.

The chair has a pedestal base to allow this chair to tilt and swivel with ease to add to your comfort. Moreover, padded armrests and ergonomic design with the headrest provide extra lumbar and neck support to allow you to sit on this chair for continuous hours without tiring you out.

The Control panel comes with audio input and output jacks for connecting it to other X rockers and an audio source.

Further, it has a Headphone jack for your personal use, volume, and bass control, which authorizes you to control this chair’s sound system according to your comfort.

Technical Specification

Item weight44.7 pounds
Overall  Dimensions (LxWxH)35.63 x 41.34 x 27.17 inches
Maximum capacity275 pounds
Speakers2 speakers and 4 subwoofers

This chair has incredible features with a great sound system within budget. It is also our top priority as it entertains us with all the essential features that we look around in a gaming chair, and it’s not overpriced. This chair meets the requirements of almost everyone. If you are looking for a good gaming chair with a reasonable budget, this chair is your pick


  • Comfortable for tall and heavy users
  • Great sound system with Bluetooth
  • Swivel and tilt
  • Padded armrests
  • Easy to assemble


  • Heavy and bulky
  • The fabric used is cheap

11. Giantex Leisure Gaming Chair With Wireless Speaker – Best Comfortable

Relax and relieve your body tensions. This whole back and hip curved ergonomic computer chair with a heating function provide heating therapy from the upper back to the bottom of your body.



It is specifically designed for gamers, office workers, and anyone who spends many hours sitting in a chair. Soft padding makes it comfortable and helpful for those who suffer from back pain and want to maintain good posture.

Once you take this Giantex Leisure Chair for a spin, you’ll be rolling around in comfort. Built with eight massage functions, including three deep-kneading shiatsu modes and heated neck and lumbar support, it’s everything you want in a relaxing chair.

Relax and enjoy the remote-controlled massaging chair with this Giantex Leisure Curved Chair with Heating Therapy. Together with the infrared remote controller, the remote control is connected by a long thread and can effectively be controlled by a straightforward touch. With the gentle vibration massage of rollers, you will relax within 2 minutes and quickly leave fatigue and pressure.

The wireless speaker and USB charger enable you to enjoy both musics and relax, providing a unique sense of comfort with its combination of both massage and music.

The package includes a free Bluetooth speaker, which you can use to listen to your favorite music from up to 30 feet away. You also have the option of connecting your phone to the chair via Bluetooth or using the built-in USB ports to charge your devices while you are enjoying the home theater experience this chair will provide.

Technical Specification

Item weight66 pounds
Seat dimensions31.5″D x 21.5″W x 37″H
Maximum capacity175 pounds
Speakers2 speakers

Spend a relaxing moment in this Giantex Leisure curve chair with heating. This ergonomic chair has a comfortable padded seat and back, adjustable armrests, an oversized headrest, and 5-level heating therapy that offers soothing warmth to your neck and lower back.


  • Designed for long hours of video game playing
  • Mesh fabric
  • Built-in heating pad
  • Built-in USB charger
  • Adjustable lumbar support


  • It’s a little squeaky
  • A footrest is a bit shallow

How to select a Wireless Gaming Chair with Speakers 

Suppose you want to select a wireless gaming chair with excellent sound quality and stereo effects to upgrade your gaming experience. In that case, you must follow the guidelines discussed below: 

Stereo Sound

The best option that a wireless gaming chair with speakers gets is the stereo sound that provides you the depth of sound, which is the best option. 2.1 sound system is the choice in this regard as it adds a subwoofer to the list. Likewise, it produces more bass than 2.0 and 4.1, exaggerating the extent of your gaming experience. 


Choosing a high-quality material for a wireless gaming chair with speakers can make a chair live up to 10 years. They play an essential role in the durability of a gaming chair. Faux leather and PU leather are the best options available in this area as they are comfortable and easy to clean. Hence, these become your first preference while choosing a material for your gaming chair.


Wireless gaming chairs with speakers don’t only focus on ergonomic design, but they also cover the fields of being sturdy, sitting surface, and providing high back support. All these are made available to make sure you must feel comfortable and sit in their chairs for long hours or even the whole day. Wireless gaming chairs provide you with the most comfort and save you from every physical harm related to the chair.


Vibrations, made of motors, are equipped in the backrest or seat of gaming chairs with speakers. These are mostly part of stereo sound systems for an improved gaming experience.

Home theatres provide a surrounding sound system, and their improved working is due to the vibrations they produce with bass; these vibrations can change the outlook of your gaming setup. Likewise, 

These vibrations are also salient when talking about gaming chairs. Hence, buying a gaming chair with speakers and vibrations/beats is the definitive objective of every diehard gamer. 


Bluetooth, wireless connectivity is the future of a gaming chair which can save you from all the wires that tangle and drag you to frustration. Furthermore, there is no audio cable, and you don’t have to connect the power adapter to a power socket, and no cable line connecting to the TV. 

You can connect your gaming chair with Xbox and PS4 via BlueTooth and to your mobile. Thus, you can enjoy music while playing games. 


Noticeably, these gaming chairs are slightly more expensive than regular gaming chairs. Keeping in mind all the contrasting features that others cannot present, these gaming chairs deserve what they demand in the price segment. Wireless gaming chairs with speakers have prices ranging from 150$ to 250$. The more specifications you want, the more you have to spend.

Difference between Rocker and Pedestal Gaming Chairs

Rocker Style Gaming Chair 

These gaming chairs come with no legs or swivels and make you sit almost very close to the floor, which can make your gaming experience more fun. These chairs are positioned on the floor and make them sit on them in a lying position. Moreover, they form an L shape, due to which these chairs have strong and well-cushioned headrests and armrests which then provide more comfort and ease. Additionally, it has two types; one is a simple rocking gaming chair with speakers while the other is a V rocking chair. This V rocking chair is primarily for an intense and exceptional gaming experience. 

Pedestal Style Gaming Chair

On the other hand, pedestal gaming chairs develop a strong base on which the whole gaming chair mounts. They combine the properties of a swivel chair, recliner, and rocker chair, and they propose a flat base instead of legs so you can rotate and recline with a chair slightly raised. Furthermore, these chairs are similar to recliners which can be slouched and leaned back according to the gamer’s sitting posture and comfort. Moreover, these chairs come up with well-cushioned backrests, armrests, and headrests for better relieving support. 

The pedestal chairs rotate effortlessly, thus providing the gamer with much more access to gaming accessories. 

Difference Between Wireless And Bluetooth Gaming Chair

Wireless Gaming Chair

A wireless gaming chair is the best choice for gamers who move around a lot. You can use your hands to play, but your legs and feet are free to avoid soreness. When you are looking for a wireless gaming chair, make sure that it has a rechargeable battery so you can charge it when you need more power. It should also let you adjust the footrest and armrests so that they are comfortable.

Because of their design, wireless gaming chairs have a USB port so you can connect your devices. This is very important in ensuring that you have all the wires connected if you want to play with your game console.

Bluetooth Gaming Chair

A Bluetooth gaming chair is great because it has all the features of a wireless model, but it is cheaper than other models of chairs. It would help if you looked for one with good security features and installed programs to avoid intruders from accessing your personal information. This way, you will not be vulnerable online or attacked hackers or even viruses.

Gaming Chairs With Speakers FAQs

What are macros in gaming?

Macros in gaming are shortcuts that store a repeating sequence of commands that players can use to perform multiple tasks in the game. Macros are time-savers, saving you from manually putting together all your orders between battles or while farming.

How to set up x rocker gaming chair?

Setup the x rocker gaming chair by taking it out of the box and assembling its parts. The metal stand should have already been put together, so all you’ll need to do is attach the side legs with a hex wrench that’s included in the package. Now you can enjoy hours of comfort while rocking away in your favorite recliner.

What is an LED gaming chair?

The LED gaming chair is the new way to enjoy your favorite games. No more sitting on a couch or a bed playing on a laptop. This gaming chair is a must-have for every gamer with a comfortable seat and stylish design.

Final Words

We know that finding yourself a perfect gaming chair with speakers is not an easy piece of work, but it’s not vastly hard on the same hand. We provided you with the list of the top 10 gaming chairs with speakers to help you out in this job.

These are the best chairs that are available out there, so choosing any one of them would be a worthy decision, and it will raise your gaming standard. If you can clear the first obstacle of what primary feature you want in your chair, then everything else will be evident for you. Whether you want a pedestal base, wheels, or you prefer sitting on the floor. Every chair provides imperative features that you can easily pick regarding your budget to land on your final decision.

Any one of these chairs will fit your gaming setup and will be a great addition. Similarly, all these are compelling chairs with fascinating features. So, there is no wrong decision here.

In the end, we hope that we have helped you in making a perfect decision for your gaming setup.