GT-OMEGA Elite Series Gaming Chair – The Best Gaming Chair Under $300

Elite series gaming chairs

The GT-OMEGA Elite Series gaming chair belongs to the GT Omega brand. It comes up with perfectly balanced features that you will find this chair at the top of every segment. My point is that if you’re going to spend long hours and spend 200$ to 300$ on a chair. Why not spend it on something worthy that will keep you in a cozy environment all these years.

The Elite Series amuses you with its adorable features that are essential to keep you warm and cozy all the time. The soft reinforced PVC Leather feels pleasant on the skin. Along with it, it provides a solid aluminum base on which the whole seat mounts.

The company made one thing clear; it doesn’t do something flashy or ostentatious. But it provides stable head-to-toe support to sharpen up your posture. It aims at long-term health and gaming benefits instead of temporarily profiting you but causing irreversible damage later on.

Let’s have a deep look over this chair:

Technical features

Item Weight50.6 pounds
Overall Dimensions73W × 68D × 137H centimeters
Maximum Capacity120 kilograms
Reclining Degree190°
MaterialSynthetic PVC Leather
Color OptionsBlack
Warranty3 years warranty for the frame and associated products. And 1-year warranty for the accessories.

1. Dimensions

The dimensions for this chair are 78 x 68 x 137 centimeters. The seat dimensions are 52.5″W × 58″ D centimeters. The seat height from the ground ranges from 40 to 47.7 centimeters. And the backrest dimensions are 53.5″W × 95″H centimeters.

The numbers indicate that it is of medium size and perfect for teenagers and persons weighing less than 250-pounds.

2. Reinforced PVC Leather

Who doesn’t love leather finishing on their seat that keeps warm all the years and aims at providing the utmost comfort and cozy feeling on the skin? The GT Omega brand has PVC Leather in their products to fulfill your wish, which is their signature item to make it distinctive and recognizable.

Reinforced PVC leather

The manufacturers have spent all their budget and time making it serene and hard-wearing. The leather needs only one care, saving it from burning and cutting. If the leather gets cut from any side, it will gradually increase and ruin the whole exterior. That’s the flaw of PU.

3. Weight Recommendation

It can hold 250 pounds of weight. GT-OMEGA Elite series is not a heavy-duty gaming chair, but it smoothly carries the person who weighs less than the limit.

It targets tall and lean people as it has a high backrest and slim design, and they will be comfortable in it.

4. Adjustable Features

The armrests are adjustable, and the backrest moves as per your needs to make you homely on this chair. All these help you attain a perfect posture.

And we all know that if you’re not comfortable, you can’t spend even an hour on it, and it will begin to develop backaches.

5. 4D Armrests

All GT Omega brands come with 4D armrests. The armrests are adjustable in all four directions with the highest compatibility, and they are super easy to use. Sometimes, the armrests are movable, but their movement is not fluent, and they get stuck in the way.

The 4D armrests of GT-OMEGA elite gaming chair

The armrests also come with thick soft padding, which gives a sublime touch. The PU coating on the padding feels smooth on the skin.

6. Reclining Ability

We get to see 190-degree here. This chair lays straight down as a bed, and you can even lean forward up to 85°. Sometimes, you need to lean forward near your laptop or screen, or if you want to stay in that position during some hard gaming sessions.

190 Degree reline of GT-OMEGA gaming chair

And you can easily lock this backrest at one angle for your comfort. The backrest has 4.5 inches of thick padding with a headrest to make you fall asleep on it after those intense sessions of play and get some rest.

The high backrest and extended shoulders of 53.5 centimeters provide maximum support to the shoulders. You get sufficient and endless support from both sides.

7. Multi-Tilt Mechanism

Every chair of GT Omega comes with a multi-tilt mechanism that helps you tilt the seat angle in different positions.

There is a rotating button under it by which you change the tilt angle. It helps give you jamming control over the suspension. And even lock the seat to help pelvic and lower back muscles relax after a longing sitting session.

Is Elite Series Comfortable Enough?

If you’re talking about GT Omega, stop worrying about its comfort and focus on when to bring this Elite Series masterpiece to your room. The reinforced PVC Leather with cold cure foam lays out an elastic and silky smooth surface for you to lie on it.

8. Bucket Seat

These seats have raised edges to help you attain optimum posture to let you sit on this chair all day long. However, these chairs have limited movements that may muddle your comfort.

Bucket seat of GT-OMEGA gaming chair

It helps you in adapting to the preeminent posture. The raised front lip dispels the chances of your slipping from it with the backrest reclined.

9. Cold Cure Foam Padding

The cold cure foam is their signature item that you will find in all of their products. And almost all of their products amuse you with this set of padding. The padding is exceedingly soft, and it presses when you sit on it. The 4.5 inches-thick padding feels like a bed that we find in the GT Omega Elite.

The interesting fact that the company claims is that it always remains cold. No matter how hot the weather is or how intense the game is, you will always have their signature foam under you, giving you comprehensive assistance.

10. Removable Pillows

The headrest cushion is soft and full of foam padding, and it comes at a perfect height. I appreciate its addition as it helps in better stability. These are also very easy to clean and removable.

But if you don’t want the pillows there, you can easily remove them. The leather covering on top feels luxurious, and the GT Omega brand logo over them looks catchy.

11. Sturdy Framework

It comes up with a first-class steel frame to make it last longer and halt the chances of cracking the frame.

The 2MM steel framework and aluminum base are there to inflate its longevity and make it everlasting. Although it can only hold 250 pounds of weight, it has Class 4 Hydraulics, which are highly sturdy.

12. Class 4 Hydraulics Pistons

This specific part made the whole difference as the Class 4 Hydraulics springs provide better stability, persistence, security, and consistency than any other springs.

It helps to maintain the weight distribution. And it makes sure the weight pressure doesn’t go down to the base and reduces it as much as possible.

13. XL PU Caster Wheels

To make it sturdy, it has a five-star aluminum base and XL PU wheels. The sole purpose of PU coating is to save the base and wheels from corrosion and rust, and it does it finely.

XL Pu Caster wheels

The wheels are slightly larger, and they are smooth and fluent and don’t get stuck on any surface.

14. Aesthetics

Its bucket seat comes up with raised edges to make you right in the center of the seat all the time. The seat has raised endings that don’t let you slip from the chair and keep you upright to relieve pressure from the pelvic region and upper thighs.

The winged backrest hugs you in a way to keeps your back straight as an arrow and constantly reclined at an angle. It all aids in building up the preeminent posture for you, for your better health.

The brand logos on the front side looks flamboyant, and the red and white colors look stunning with the black color.

Pros and Cons


  • The 4D armrests are delightful, and everything feels sufficiently up to the expectations. The PU coating over it adds to its beauty.
  • It amuses you with additional cushioning all over it, and the headrest pillow has loaded stuffing in it. The seat and backrest are also full of 4.5 inches-thick memory foam padding.
  • The 190 degrees recliner lays out the perfect base to mount your gaming experience on for your utter comfort.
  • The main reason I love it is its affordability. And you may not find any seat better than this one for 300$.


  • The only thing I was not happy about is its lumbar cushion which lacks a bit of padding. The weight of your back falls on that cushion, and you wish it had thicker padding to make you feel homely.

Targeted Audience for Elite Series

It’s not a heavy-duty gaming chair, and it can hold only 250 pounds of weight. So, all its durability guarantees apply to those who lie within its limits. We can guess that the targeted audience is slim and lean people that may be tall. It has a high backrest that can accommodate tall users.


It has a price tag of only 300$. I believe a chair with similar specifications justifies its price and amuses you with what’s best out there.


GT Omega is serving a 3-year Warranty for their customers for the Elite gaming series, which only applies to the frame and associated products. And all other accessories have a 1-year warranty.

  • The product needs to be in a new state as when you bought it.
  • They don’t claim the warranty for wear and tear, aesthetic defects, abuse of the product, or natural reasons.

The company is offering a free Return Guarantee for 30 Days. If the product is not satisfactory or does not match the description, or is damaged, you can easily claim it to offer a refund or replacement.

Possible Alternatives

There are some alternatives to the GT Omega Elite series which may catch your attention:

  • Ace L3 Lava from Secretlab seems to be the perfect alternative. It comes up with similar specifications. The 4D armrests, 160° recliner, and Class 3 gas lift come up with it.
  • The AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Seat has 330 pounds weight capacity, a 180° recliner, a Class 4 gas lift, and 3D armrests. Check the price at Amazon.
  • Ewin Gaming Seat comes up with 4D armrests, a 155° recliner, Class 4 gas lifts, a 2-year warranty, and 330 pounds weight capacity at 309$.

Bottom Line

It has commendable features that include 4D armrests with PU coating, and a 190 degrees recliner for better comfort. The framework is sturdy enough to let you use it free of worries. Class 4 Hydraulics and aluminum base elevates its worth more than ever.

Finding a midrange gaming seat may seem bewildering as there are tons of options, but no other fancies you. I reckon it’s affordable, and if you have a 300$ budget, you should aim for it. You will not get more value for your money in any other product.