GT-OMEGA Sports Series Racing Style Gaming Chair in Black

We will introduce you to the GT-OMEGA Sports Series, where you will see every demand is fulfilled and satisfied with great dignity. It will be thin on the ground for a gamer if he hadn’t seen any GT Omega product and didn’t come to know about them.


When I first looked for a gaming chair, I spent hours on GT Omega. And to figure out how the brand is making distinctive products. You will get a taste of even the tiniest speckle in it, and you will not miss out on it.

If you’re looking for a Ferrari-style and athletic gaming seat, then I’m happy to tell you you’re at the right place. Their luxury sports car comparison is not an exaggeration, as they use design cues to give it the look of an athletic sports gear.

The sports gaming seat is not a cheap product, and you have to pay heavily for it, but the question is, is it worth all that? And the answer lies in itself, and you can’t find it until you use it. Despite being comfortable among all GT Omega, this chair also has some drawbacks that can be deal-breakers.

GT-OMEGA Sports Series

The GT-OMEGA Sports series gaming chair is full of commendable features that lure everyone towards its elegance. The 4D armrests come with PU coating that we don’t find often. And a 190-degree recliner with impeccable build quality is a treat in a chair. The Class 4 Hydraulics, aluminum base, and 2MM steel framework lift its worth more than ever. RETURN GUARANTEE within 30 days.

Salient Features of GT-OMEGA Sport Series Gaming Chair

1. Dimensions

The dimensions for it are 75 x 70 x 143 centimeters. The seat dimensions are 58″W × 51″ D centimeters.

The seat height from the ground ranges from 40 to 46 centimeters. And the backrest dimensions are 59″W × 97.5″H centimeters.

2. Reinforced PVC Leather

GT Omega brand has its signature reinforced PVC Leather in its products. This Polyvinyl Chloride leather is thought to be the purest form of Faux leather, and it is formed by adding the chloride group in place of the hydrogen group. The leather feels very smooth on the body, and it’s not slippery.

PVC Material of GTOMEGA sport series

They claim the leather to be durable as metal and flexible like plastic. But you still have to use it with some care as it’s not genuine leather and it may develop some cuts which can ruin the whole exterior.

3. Weight Recommendation

It is one of the few chairs of the GT Omega brand which supports more than 300 pounds of weight. It can bear a maximum weight of 330-pounds. And it seems to be perfect for any heavy user. It targets tall and broader people as they will be comfortable in it.

4. Height Recommendation

The company recommends their users be a maximum of 6’5″. It is suitable for taller people. The high backrest allows the tall users to help themselves, and broad shoulders make everyone feel at home.

5. 4D Armrests

It comes with 4D armrests like all other GT Omega brand gaming chairs. The armrests are adjustable with the highest compatibility and super ease in all four directions. There is a button on the outside that adjusts its height. And the inside button is there to move them into and fro motion and sideways.

The steel framework under the armrests is crucial for long-term use. The armrests also come up with padding, which gives a delectable touch. It feels satisfying to have plentiful soft padding on the armrests as everyone looks to rest their arms in a comfortable place.

6. Reclining Ability

We are happy to tell you that we have a perfect recliner in this gaming chair that can lean back at 190 degrees. And can even incline at 85°.

190 degree recline of GTOMEGA sports series

It reclines back fluently and comes back to its original position quickly. And you can easily lock this backrest at one angle for your comfort. The backrest has 4.3 inches of thick padding with a headrest to eliminate all the causes of any neck pain.

The high backrest and extended shoulders provide maximum support for the neck and shoulders. You get sufficient support from both sides all the time.

7. Multi-Tilt Mechanism

It has a multi-tilt mechanism that helps you tilt the seat angle in different positions. And even lock the seat to help pelvic muscles relax after a longing sitting session. The rocking function allows you to tilt the whole seat or tilt backward in an upright position.

There is a black button under it by which you change the tilt angle. It helps give you brimming control over the suspension.

8. Cold Cure Foam Padding

The cold cure foam is their signature item that you will find in all of their products. And almost all of their products amuse you with this set of padding. Interestingly, this padding always remains cold and satisfying on the skin and makes sure to dispel all the odds of causing skin rashes.

9. Removable Cushions

The cushions are detachable, and if you don’t want them there, you can easily remove them. They seem to be as pulpy and soft as they should be. The leather covering on top of them feels luxurious, and the headrest cushion ties between the holes.

10. Class 4 Hydraulics

The Class 4 Hydraulics springs provide better stability, resistance, safety, and consistency. It helps maintain the weight calibration and reduces the odds of sudden pressure on the base.

11. PU Wheels

This chair’s best feature is a five-star aluminum base and PU wheels. You can lock the casters at one angle if you don’t want the chair to move.

PU coating also saves the base and wheels from corrosion and rust, which is the sole purpose of PU coating. The wheels are smooth and fluent and roll over any surface smoothly.

12. Build Quality

It comes up with a first-rate steel frame to make it last longer and halt the chances of breaking down. The 2MM steel framework and aluminum base inflate its longevity and resistance.

It can only hold 330 pounds of weight and has Class 4 Hydraulics, which are highly sturdy. As long as you remain within its limits, it will stay beside you all year.

13. Comfortability

There is no question about its comfort. It provides a whole set of comfort levels that you can wish for, no matter how much you’re paying for it. The reinforced PVC Leather with cold cure foam lays out a spongy and calming foundation for you to lie on it.

The padding is exceedingly soft, and it presses when you sit on it. You won’t have to face any hard or firm padding that feels like sitting on a wooden seat. The 4.3 inches-thick padding itself feels like a sofa seat that we find in the GT Omega Sports gaming seat.

14. Price

This chair costs 379$. I believe that for a seat with similar specifications, around 250$, you can say that it is slightly overpriced. Don’t worry, we have Cheap gaming chairs for you as well.

15. Target Audience

This chair straightly targets large and heavy people as it does come up with an expansive size and appreciates a weight of more than 300-pounds. Also, the taller people are good to go here due to this high backrest and extended shoulders, which clearly shows that this is specifically for the bigger and heavier community.

16. Warranty

GT Omega is serving a 3-year Warranty for their customers for the Sports series, which only applies to the frame and associated products. And all other accessories have a 1-year warranty. If the product is not satisfactory or does not match the description, or is damaged, you can easily claim it to offer a refund or replacement.

  • The product needs to be in a new state as when you bought it.
  • They don’t claim the warranty for wear and tear, aesthetic defects, abuse of the product, or natural reasons.

The company is offering a free Return Guarantee for 30 Days.

Pros and Cons


  • The 190 degrees recliner is the best thing about it to layout utter comfort.
  • It seems to be the perfect fit for any heavy user. The aluminum base and 2MM steel framework provide everything they might need ever.
  • The PU caster wheels with a locking system are something rare to find in a chair.


  • It is somehow expensive and overpriced. If it had been under 300$, there would have been no issue.
  • The armrests do a fine job here. But it would have been better if they had come up with a locking system

Premier Alternatives

There are some alternatives to the GT Omega Sports series which may fancy you:

  • Respawn 400 can be the perfect replacement for this product that amuses you with its 400-weight capacity and 3D armrests with a limited lifetime warranty. Check the price on Amazon
  • The AKRacing Core Series EX is the perfect replacement for this chair. It has 330 pounds weight capacity, a 180° recliner, a Class 4 gas lift, and  3D armrests. Check Price on Amazon.
  • DXRacer PC Gaming Bucket Chair comes up with height-adjusting armrests, Class 4 gas lifts, 2-year warranty at 330$.

Final Verdict

In simple words, it can be a dream chair for you if cost is not a concern for you. It is full of commendable features that lure everyone towards its elegance. The cons are not a big deal, and you can easily overcome them.
The 4D armrests come with PU coating that we don’t find often. And 190 degrees recliner with impeccable build quality is a treat to have The Class 4 Hydraulics and aluminum base lifts its worth more than ever.

Conclusively, if budget is not an issue for anyone, it is perfect in all matters no matter what you demand, it will serve you rightfully.