GT-Racing ACE M1- A Premium Quality Gaming Chair

GT-Racing ace series m1 gaming chair

Here we have a GT-Racing ACE M1, a perfect heavy-duty gaming chair for you but with compelling and captivating features to overwhelm you with its charisma. 

The company has focused on its robustness without ignoring the other facts that make this product adorably comfortable and highly adjustable to make you feel at home. Concerning its durability, it can hold 350 pounds of weight. It is presented with an aluminum frame and aluminum base to provide a rock-solid interior. 

So, let’s move on to the nitty-gritty of this GT-Racing Ace without wasting any more seconds.

The First Look – Sleek and Adventurous

As soon as the package arrived, I was eager to open. As far as the shipping experience, it was just ok but it could be fine.

As I opened the package, Voila, I knew that I had made the right choice and all the wait was worth it. You got to see a premium leather look with its finest edge cutting. A ten out of ten from me.

Let’s discuss the special features of this beauty that makes me buy it.

Technical Features of GT-Racing ACE M1 Gaming Chair

  • Multifunction Tilt Mechanism.
  • 90 Degree to 170 Degree Recline Ability.
  • 350lbs Weight Support.
  • 5-star Solid Aluminum Base.
  • High Density Class 4 Lifted Foam.

Compelling Features of ACE M1 Gaming Chair

1. Dimensions

The dimensions for this chair are 27.56 x 27.56 x 50.78 inches. The seat dimensions are 21.25 × 22.8 inches. Its height from the ground ranges from 18.9 to 22 inches with a 3.1 inches difference. 

GT-Racing ACE M1

And the backrest dimensions are 21.25 × 32.6 inches. It is perfect for big and tall people who are heavy. An option that can easily accommodate almost all types of persons.

2. PU Leather Upholstery

The good thing is that it doesn’t even come up with low-quality leather, but with high-quality premium thick PU Leather. It also presents cold cured foam underneath the leather with antioxidation and elasticity resistance properties to make it snuggling and warm. 

Premium quality PU leather ace m1 gaming chair

It ultimately enhances the allure and contentment of this leather. The premium upholstery has short and tight stitches, which are not hard to see with naked eyes. So, it looks good in appearance. 

3. Color Options

It comes up with unique choices of colors. And it can be baffling for you to pick up a color. This chair looks pleasant in every color. It has Black, White, Beige, and Ash colors.

4. Maximum Weight Sufficiency

Usually, the regular gaming chairs can carry a big load of around 250 pounds, but It can hold 350 pounds of weight. 

In addition, it meets the standards of heavy-duty gaming seats in terms of their resilience and endurance.

5. Adaptability

There is not a second thought about it as it is highly adjustable. The armrests, the backrest, the seat, and everything move in all ways to let you find a soothing and complacent posture for your better gaming experience.

The only trouble I went through with it was that they don’t have any locking system for the armrests.

6. 4D Functional Armrests

We get to see 4D armrests in it, and they have been a great addition. You can move them up and down, back and forth, and sideways movement and even rotate inwards and outwards. You will not find any frustration over its adjustability in all four directions. 

4D Functional Armrests

The whole article is plastic, but it doesn’t feel cheap. The thick and durable plastic is of high quality on the contrary.

7. Reclining Feature

It can recline back at a 170° angle. 

It is another adorable feature of this gaming beast that gives you another valid reason to make you relax and be at ease on it. You can lay down on it and with thick padding on it, it will feel like heaven. 

170 degree recline ace m1 gaming chair

About its operating functions, there is a lever on the right side that you can use to lock the recliner at one angle as it comes with a multi-tilt mechanism. 

8. Control Panel

The control panel comes up with all the buttons and levers on one side to adjust it in almost all ways. 

On the right side, you will find a seat height adjusting black lever with a mark of a seat on it. By which you can easily adjust the seat height to move it up and down. The lowest height setting is 18.9″, and the highest is 22″.

Secondly, there is a tilt locking lever to lock the backrest at one specific angle as it comes up with an advanced mechanism that allows you to do that. It has a swivel rotation of 360°, whose system is placed directly under it. 

9. Ergonomics of GT Racing ACE M1

If we talk about its ergonomic design and features, we can shortly say that they have not even missed a single point. 

Ergonomic Ace M1 gaming chair

They have put all their efforts into making it user-friendly and healthier for your body. We all know how sitting can affect your body in a very unpleasant way. With its ergonomic design, it helps you attain a perfect posture for the proper blood flow in your body throughout the session. 

We get 4 inches of thick padding with foam density on the seat which is 55kg/m³, and on the back, it is 50kg/m³. It softly takes the shape of your body and makes itself adapt to your body shape. 

10. Flexible Cushions

The cushions are thick and fluffy with a plush feel to make a cozy surface for your neck. You can easily adjust and remove them if you don’t find them of great use. 

GT-Racing Ace M1 gaming chair with adjustable headrest and lumbar support

They offer adequate support to you all the time so that your body does not get exhausted and absorb the tension and your muscles remain relaxed all the time.

11. Luxuriant Padding

The padding is thick, and importantly, it does not feel firm or hard. There is no complaint of it that you will ever find. Happily, with 4 inches thick high-density foam, you will have a great opinion. 

On top of that, the soft PU Leather covering is there to make you help yourself repose even finer.

12. Sturdiness

It is a dream come true for big and tall people as it comes with a high backrest and can hold a maximum weight of 350pounds. 

The aluminum frame provides a sturdy and brawny interior that can last longer. It also meets the ANSI and BIFMA tests, which are durability tests to ensure it is safe and long-lasting for you. 

The frame has an anti-corrosive coating to help it last longer and help the corrosion of the metal frame to endure it even more.

13. Class 4 Hydraulics

To make sure of the perfection of its durability, we have a Class 4 Gas Lift. It has Pneumatic Hydraulic gas springs to make sure it resists any sudden pressure and weight. 

The Class 4 SGS Gas Lift is preferable due to its better strength and weight lifting ability of more than 400 pounds. Surely, The company has not compromised on any aspect, whether it be its comfort or durability.

14. Metal Base and Wheels

It comes up with 2.5 inches wide casters and a high tensile aluminum base to make it sturdy and resilient, along with an aluminum frame. 

Gt-Racing metal base and aluminum wwheelbase

The wheels are fluent and ergonomically rhythmic, with an edgy design to roll over all surfaces. The mechanism is unblemished and eloquent, and you will adore its perfection.

15. Aesthetics

It is known for its premium PU Leather, but it also has breathable carbon fiber upholstery on the edges of the seat and backrest to make it look more lavish and sumptuous. 

The backrest is in a tilted shape to perfectly align with your back and with slightly extended edges right where your shoulders land to aid proper support to them. 

16. Targeted Audience

Typically targets the big, tall, and heavy users with better strength and holding capacity. But mainly, it offers the purpose of serving broad users in a cozy environment. 

The high backrest, extended edges, better durability, and many other factors layout are the only motive for serving heavy users. So, they don’t have to think twice about it before enjoying the memorable experience on Xbox.

Pros and Cons


  • It is the most reasonable and affordable heavy-duty gaming chair with leading features.
  • The preeminent property is its reclining ability. It can lean back at 170 degrees angle, making you stretch and ease your muscles back and relax anytime.
  • The aluminum base and framework are majorly impressive. 
  • Its compelling design tempts many users to buy with all those unique colors.


  • I wish it had an armrest locking function as the armrests are very easy to move, which is beneficial in the short term.
  • They could have given some thick padding over the armrests.

How long is the warranty?

GT-Racing is offering a no-questions-asked warranty policy for their valuable customers, and you don’t have to worry a second over their customer service. Usually, their warranty is up to 2 years. But the Ace series extends up to 5 years with a public post of the product.

  • Take a photo of the product.
  • Upload it to the customer review on any social media website.
  • Mail the post URL or the screenshot with your Order ID to our helpline.

Here is how you can extend your warranty to 5 years. If you face any damage to the product, missing item, or any malfunctioning, you can return or replace the product without any complications. But you have to use it under the provided instructions. Otherwise, the warranty will not apply.

How much does it cost?

You can find it on Amazon for just 200$. When I first read all about it, I thought it would cost me more than 300$ easily, but I was surprised to see the price tag. 

It is way cheaper than other chairs with the same competing and compelling features.

Best Alternatives – Icing on the Cake!

There are some similar gaming seats at almost the same price range that you might be interested in:

  • Secretlab Omega is the best alternative that comes with 4D armrests and a reclining ability of 165°. But it costs a bit more than Ace M1. It costs 350$.
  • The FantasyLab 824 comes with 4D armrests, a 155° recliner, and a 440-pounds weight limit, of 280$.
  • The EWin Champion series has 4D armrests, a 155° recliner, and PU Leather, for 309$.

Final Thoughts

In simple words, the Ace M1 is the best option in this price range, and no other luxury gaming chair offers more value for your money than the Ace M1. 

It lays out all the essential features that you can wish for. The 4D armrests, 170° recliner, PU Leather, sturdy framework, compelling design, and 5-years of protection all add up to tempt you to buy it. It is a strong competitor of all other renowned brands.