GT-Racing Pro Series GT099 Gaming Chair Review-The Cheapest one

GT-Racing Gt099 gaming chair

If you’re looking for the best pocket-friendly gaming chair, all of your prayers have been answered. This article will review the GT099 Pro Series gaming Chair, which will not cost a fortune to buy.

The GT-Racing GT099 Gaming chair has smooth PU Leather and highly adjustable 3D armrests. It can recline up to 170° to stretch your muscles and relieve blood flow. In addition, the racing style with PU Leather gives it a premium look.

You can’t ignore that GT-Racing provides the best options for you at an affordable range and with the best attributes. And guess what? You can get all of this for under 100$.

The First Reveal – Just Perfect

As soon as the package arrives, I rush toward opening it. And underneath the careful wraps, it took me only 20 minutes to assemble it. Everything fits just right in. Overall It was a happy experience.

Delivery Experience: ★★★★★

Carefully Wrapped: ★★★★★

Missing Part: None

Assembling time: 20 Minutes.

Technical Specialties of GT-Racing Gt099

  • 90° to 170° Recline
  • 3.5 Inches Thick Padding
  • 3D Adjustable Functional Armrest
  • 300 Pound Weight Capacity
  • Controls Buttons
  • PU Leather Upholstery
  • Plastic Interior
  • 1 Year Warranty

Distinctive Features of Gt099 Gaming Chair

1. Dimensions

The dimensions for it are 20.86 x 21.26 x 51.97 inches. The seat dimensions are 21.5 × 22.8 inches.

GT-Racing Gt099 Dimensions

The seat height from the ground ranges from 18.7 to 22.6 inches. And the backrest dimensions are 21.5 × 32.5 inches.

2. Smooth PU Leather

It comes wrapped in red and black leatherette to give it a shiny and sleek appearance with racing style.

GT-Racing Soft PU Leather gaming chair

The premium thick PU Leather makes it evergreen and everlasting. It also presents soft sponge foam underneath the leather. It ultimately enhances the allure and sharpness of this leather.

3. Color Options

This chair comes up with unique choices of colors. It looks pleasant in every color and presents with:

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Purple
  • Red

4. Maximum Weight Capacity

It can hold 300 pounds of weight. It somehow meets the standards of a heavy-duty gaming chair but is better for its longevity, so people around 250 pounds can use it.

5. The Adjustability of GT-Racing GT099

Luckily, you can adjust it in ways you can hardly imagine at such a low cost. But there is a lever for every movement.

The armrests, the backrest, the seat, and everything move in all the ways to let you find one complacent posture for your better experience.

You can enjoy the gaming experience without getting exhausted for hours.

6. 3D Functional Armrests

The 3D armrests have been a great addition. You can move it up and down, back and forth, and sideways. They offer smooth movement all over.

3D functional armrests of gt099

It would have been better if it had a steel framework under the armrests. But this plastic interior doesn’t feel cheap and offers enough support.

7. Reclining Feature

It can recline back at 170 degrees.

It is another adorable feature. It gives you a valid reason which will tempt you to buy this. You can use various degrees for different purposes. For gaming purposes, an angle around 130 is preferable.

GT-Racing gt099 pro series reclining gaming chair gaming chair

There is a lever on the right side that you can use to lock the recliner at one position as it comes with a multi-tilt mechanism compared to an office chair.

8. Control Buttons

The control panel has all the levers on one side for your ease. There is a seat height adjusting black lever with a seat mark.

The lowest height setting is 18.7″, and the highest is 22.6″.

Also, there is a tilt locking lever to lock the backrest at one specific angle as it comes up with an advanced mechanism that allows you to do that.

It has a swivel rotation of 360°, whose system is placed directly underneath.

9. Ergonomic Design

The manufacturers have put all their efforts into making it exceptionally adorable and healthier for your body. Everyone commonly knows that sitting can be dreadful if you’re doing it improperly.

GT-Racing GT099 ergonomic design gaming chair

But that doesn’t come off if you find a perfect sitting posture with your spine straight and neck and head supported.

10. Removable Pillows

The cushions are thick and fluffy to make a cozy surface for your neck and head to lie on during long hours of intense sessions. The cushions are a decent height if you’re above 5’10”.

You can easily adjust and remove them if you don’t find them of great use.

11. Luxuriant Padding

The 3.5 inches does not feel firm or hard.

The sponge foam compliments the leather on top of it. Both accessories aim to provide a pacifying and comfortable surface for you.

12. Class 3 Gas Lift

To provide better insurance for its durability, we have a Class 3 Gas Lift. It can resist any sudden pressure and weight.

These come of great help when used in conjunction with metal frames, and they complement each other. The company has offered the maximum value of all aspects, whether comfort or durability.


  • It is the most affordable gaming chair with leading features.
  • The preeminent property is its adjustability. It can lean back at 170 degrees angle.
  • The armrests can move in 3 directions.
  • The metal base and framework are majorly impressive.


  • The neck cushion seems to be a waste. It is not adjustable and doesn’t go the right way.
  • They should have given some padding over the armrests.

Comfort Level of GT901

It lays out every possible route to make you lighten yourself and ease up. Whether we talk about its ergonomic design or some special touches it brings, all these end up doing a fine job for your assistance.

We can shortly say that they have not missed a single point like any expensive one. We get 3.5 inches of thick padding on it, which softly takes the shape of your body.

The high backrest, extended seat, and backrest edges bring about the best for you.

Targeted Audience

Typically targets regular-sized people who can be tall. But they should not exceed the weight limit.

It is formed so that middle-sized people will feel comfortable due to its ergonomic design. Tall and heavy people can avail themselves, but they must lie within the given limits.

Issued Warranty

GT-Racing is offering a no-questions-asked warranty policy for their valuable customers. They aim to take full responsibility for their products within 1-year of buying.

But you can extend it up to 2-years with a public review of the product.

  • Take a photo of the product.
  • Upload it to the customer review on any social media website.
  • Mail the post URL or the screenshot with your Order ID to our helpline.

If you face any damage to the product, missing item, or malfunctioning, you can return or replace the product without any complications.

Best Alternatives of GT099

There are some similar gaming seats that you can find for under 100$ with somehow indistinguishable features:

Even we have another more premium option from the same brand. ACE M1 is just only posh but also has the most amazing features.

Final Verdict

Looking for the best recliner, 3D armrests, and a maximum weight limit of around 300-pounds? There is nowhere else to go when you can find all of this in one product.

The shocking part is, all of this is worth only 89$. It is the best gaming chair ever that you can find for under 100$. And that too of a well-renowned brand. Everything looks even better when they have 2-years of protection on their back.

The best thing I liked was that it didn’t have any deal-breaker or permanent drawbacks. One or two setbacks that it has are all treatable. So, it will be justified that no other available option offers more value to your money than GT099.