GT-Racing Footrest Series GT901 Gaming Chair Review 2022

GT-Racing GT901 gaming chair

As the title elaborates the true meaning and purpose of this GT-racing GT901 gaming chair, you can know what its comfort and value feel like and why it is so high selling. 

In essence, this comfortable gaming chair serves the Big and Tall users due to its better weight limit, and many people prefer its peculiar attributes. But the other half of the community is fond of it due to its footrest.

GT901 comes up with unique features. And it is assuredly known as a heavy-duty gaming chair. As the title represents, you can turn it into a bed for you with its high degrees recliner and a footrest. 

Moving further, help yourself look at my in-depth review comprehensively for your better understanding.

Special Features of GT901

1. Dimensions

The dimensions for this chair are 20.47 x 21.26 x 52 inches. The seat dimensions are 20.47 × 21.26 inches. 

The seat height from the ground ranges from 16.5 to 19.7 inches. And the backrest dimensions are 21.25 × 33.1 inches. 

2. PU Leather Finishing

It amazes you with high-quality premium soft PU Leather. Where you get to have a sofa-like feel and resistance against wear and tear to give it a never-ending and everlasting charm. 

Gt901 Premium soft PU leather

The leather even covers the backside to improve its appearance. Otherwise, it feels cheap to see the metal frame on the back. And we have to cover it with some sheat. 

3. Color Varieties

This top gaming chair comes up with unique choices of colors. You can pick any color that suits you and your room’s interior better. It has:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red

4. Maximum Weight Sufficiency

It can hold 350 pounds of weight. 

It meets all the standards of heavy-duty gaming chairs in terms of their resilience and endurance. 

5. Functionality

There is no doubt that it is highly functional and you can adjust every part as per your needs. Every section of it, the armrests, the backrest, the seat, and everything are movable in all the ways for you so that you can find a plush and complacent posture. 

And leave all the worries behind and focus more on your better gaming experience.

6. Height Adjusting Armrests

The armrests have two sides that comprise the better side and the poor side. Discussing the good side is that it is easily moveable and adjustable. 

Adjustable armrests of gt901 gaming chair

And there is soft padding on the armrests to make it a better lying place for your arms. You can wish if it had 3D or 4D armrests, but we don’t get that here. And the whole article is plastic. 

7. Retractable Footrest

It is the first thing you notice. The footrest is retractable, and you can slide it right away if it is not in use. It extends to an adequate distance to aid proper support to your legs.

GT-racing gaming chair with retractable gaming chair

You can easily take a nap on it, and it will feel like a bed with thick padding on the footrest and backrest. The retracting movement is smooth, and it doesn’t demand any pressure.

8. Reclining Feature

Thankfully, it can recline back at a 170° angle. It is an adorable feature that gives you a sound reason to think about buying it. 

gt901 reclining game chair

You can easily lay down, and with thick padding on it, it will feel like you’re lying on clouds. For its easy functioning, there is a lever on the right side by which you can lock the recliner at one angle as it comes with a multi-tilt mechanism. 

9. Control Panel

It comes up with two levers on one side to make it easy to use. To shorten the complication, we have a seat lever on the upper side. And the recliner lever on the lower side. 

The seat height adjusting black level is with a mark of a seat on it. By which you can easily adjust the seat height to move it up and down.

Secondly, there is a button on the outer sides of the armrests to adjust their height. Lastly, there is also a tilt locking lever to lock the backrest at one specific angle. It has a swivel rotation of 360°.

10. Comfort Design

The GT901 is all about its ergonomic design and comfort that amuses you with its enlivening features. And it lays out every essential element for your better stability and relaxation

With its ergonomic design, you won’t feel tired or exhausted even by sitting all day. Furthermore, it may improve your health a bit. It helps you attain a perfect posture for the proper blood flow in your body throughout the gaming session. 

It makes sure you enjoy your gaming experience the most. We get the ideal shape of its backrest that helps you attain better spine posture so that your back remains pressure-free all the time.

11. Removable Cushions

The cushions are thick and fluffy with a plush feel to make a cozy surface for your neck and head to lie on in continuous hours of intense gaming experience. 

Gt901 with removable headrest and lumbar support

You can easily adjust and remove them if you don’t find them of great use. Their sole purpose is to offer you adequate support all the time so that your body does not get exhausted and your muscles remain relaxed all the time. 

Not everyone finds them of great use, and if you don’t, you can happily remove them as the backrest itself won’t let you miss those pillows.

12. Prolific Padding

We get 3 inches thick padding which softly takes the shape of your body and makes itself adapt to your body shape. 

You won’t feel like the padding is getting hard or uneven. The high-density shaping foam will retain its shape all day long, along with providing utmost comfort.

13. Robust Framework

The build quality is not compromised in any way, and many heavy users are keen on buying it for its long-lasting abilities as it comes with a high backrest and can hold a maximum weight of 350 pounds. 

The metal frame provides a sturdy and hefty interior that can last longer without corroding and rusting away. This strong feature is not common to see. We’ve only a few options like it.

It is silent and noiseless and doesn’t give out any squeaky sound. No matter how hard you try, it will remain silent due to its durable structure.

14. Metal Base and Wheels

The metal base offers substantial stability to its sturdy structure. Also, it comes up with 2.5 inches wide casters, along with a metal frame. 

The wheels are fluent and ergonomically rhythmic, with smooth-rolling casters to roll over all surfaces. The mechanism is impeccable and spotless, and you will adore its excellence all in all once you get a taste of it.


  • The footrest is the best thing as per my liking, and you will adore its addition once you get in touch with it.
  • It is a perfect choice for any heavy user with its 350-pound holding capacity and metal framework.
  • The 170 degrees recliner makes you feel at home when used in combination with the footrest.
  • You can lock the backrest at a specific angle.


  • The armrests are a disappointment and dismaying for many people. They are only height adjusting armrests.
  • The armrests have a plastic frame. Although it doesn’t feel cheap, it should have been metal.

Target Audience

The GT901 predominantly aims to be serving heavy users with its metal frame and 350-pound weight capacity. But if you’re fond of footrests, it will be exhilarating for you to espouse the footrest. 

I’m enthusiastic about the footrest in the comfortable gaming seats as I find it to be homely and restful. And if you think the same way, it is waiting for you.

Warranty of GT901

GT-Racing is offering a no-questions-asked warranty policy for their valuable customers. They aim to take full responsibility for their products within 1-year of buying. 

But you can extend it up to 2-years with a public review of the product.

  • Take a photo of the product.
  • Upload it to the customer review on any social media website.
  • Mail the post URL or the screenshot with your Order ID to our helpline.

If you face any damage to the product, missing item, or any malfunctioning, you can return or replace the product without any complications.

Possible Alternatives

If you want to look for some other best gaming chairs with footrests that may win your attention, we have the best possible alternatives for you as well. So hold onto your seats and don’t go anywhere else:

  • The Ficmax with a footrest is the best possible alternative for it. It has 2D armrests and a 180 degrees recliner at 178$.
  • The Blue Whale also has a footrest with a 350-pound holding capacity and a 155 degrees recliner. It has 2D armrests and only cost 180$.
  • Respawn 110 also has some scintillating features with a footrest, and pivot armrests and can recline up to 155°. It charges 159$.

Final Thoughts on GT-Racing Gt901

Conclusively, if we consider all the things, the final decision will be easy to make. The footrest, the heavy-duty properties, and the recliner all make this a special one for you. It is a double treat and seems unrealistic when you can get all of this for 149$. 

Every chair comes up with some flaws, and if those downsides don’t bother you much, then we are good to go. Similarly, it has a hitch with its armrests. Even so, I didn’t mind the armrests and every other feature amused me to the greatest extent.

The price is justified and doesn’t feel overpriced when it’s in your best interest. We can say that the armrests didn’t fully let it down, and they don’t prove to be the deal-breaker. From my standpoint, I admonish you to buy it, if it happens to win your attention.