How long do gaming chairs last?

Gaming chairs life span

So, you will spend a handsome amount on a high-quality gaming chair, But if you are confused and don’t know which chair would be the best for you with a  longer life span?  Well, we got you. So, don’t worry and relax.

Here is a detailed article about everything you want to know regarding a gaming chair’s lifespan. Let’s get started.

What Can Influence the Lifespan of a Gaming Chair?

 Various factors play a vital role in the life span of a chair.

  • Build-up material highly affects the life span of a gaming chair.
  • The care and maintenance impact the life expectancy of a chair.
  • A good chair can also stand for longer according to weight and size.

The Minimal Lifespan of a Gaming Chair

A gaming chair lasts for 2-3 years. However, the lifespan of a chair varies. It can be longer or shorter than the expected time.

Moreover, the lifespan of a chair widely depends on proper usage and the chair’s cost. Also, the warranty of a chair from the manufacturers is an essential factor.

Most companies offer two years warranty, but some good and renowned brands even offer a 4-5 years warranty for different chairs due to the high-quality material.

Branded Gaming Chairs Cost a bit high but promise a longer life span of 4-5 or even more years if handled with care, in contrast to the local and inexpensive chairs with a shorter life.

List of Gaming Chair Brands

Few of the best and well-recognized brands include the following:

1. Secretlab

2. DXRacer

3. Andaseats

4. AK Racing

5. GT Omega racing

How long do Secretlab Chairs last?

Secretlab offers the best gaming chairs with a 5-10 years lifespan. The premium build quality and the ergonomic features with lavishing colors and designs make them worth buying.

The top brand is internationally certified for its safety and durability due to its exceptional performance. Secretlab Titan and Secretlab Omega series are the best-selling of this brand. 

How long do DXRacer Chairs last?

DXRacer gaming chairs are also best known for durability, ergonomics, and comfort, having a life span of 5-6 years. But if you maintain them with proper care and protect them from any damage, they will indeed serve you for a much longer time.

The DXRacer King Series and Tank Series are the most popular among YouTubers and streamers.

Why Do Gaming Chairs Break Down Easily?

Gaming Chairs break down easily due to poor build quality and negligence in maintenance.

Cheap Gaming Chairs wear out soon after purchasing. The more time you spend sitting, the chances of its breakdown increase.

The earlier signs of wearing out include flaking the PU leather, the padded seat becoming flat, and the lousy structural material.

Besides this, some other reasons also play a part in the breakdown of chairs, i.e. the wrong usage, excessive rocking, and carelessness towards its maintenance.

So, if you want your chair to last longer, then make sure to buy the best quality chair and take excellent care by cleaning and repairing any damage on time.

Components of Gaming Chairs That Break over Time

The components of a gaming chair are prone to break over time but also can be fixed easily. They include the following:

1.   A wheel Base

One of the essential parts of a gaming chair, it often lasts for years but also can break with time due to excessive gaming hours.

But, don’t worry. These can be replaced and fixed quickly. Even at home, you don’t need a mechanic to do so.

2.   A Gas Lift Spring

The failure to function a gas lift spring is also common in gaming chairs over time. You can quickly solve this problem by purchasing another spring and replacing it with the old one with great care.

3.   An Upholstery Leather

The chair’s cover is more susceptible to damage even after great care. The Leather also wears out with time and gives a gruesome look to your chair.

So, you can repair this damage by changing the cover and giving your chair a new look.

4.   The Armrests

Armrests are also essential for our comfort, but after years of handling, they can also break out, making you uncomfortable.

But, like other parts, you can also replace them with the new armrests and enjoy the new ones.

5. Caster Wheels

The wheels of a chair give you desired movements in all directions, but if any of the five wheels get broken or damaged, all activities can be affected.

You can replace the wheels, add the new ones to your chair, and can move your chair where you want.

Besides the above components, you can replace the LED lights and cushions if they break or wear out.

So, these significant replacement parts for gaming chairs can also save you from spending money on a new chair and ultimately increase the Worth of Gaming Chairs.

How to improve the lifespan of a Gaming Chair

For the longer life span of your chair, all you need is to follow the simple steps given below:

➔    Buying a gaming chair

Most importantly, you must be very careful while buying a gaming chair. Choose the chair which perfectly fits your body size and weight.

This step is mandatory. Otherwise, instead of improving the life span of your chair, you might be collecting its broken components.

➔    Cleaning a Gaming chair

A good gaming chair means owning the best ergonomic chair with detachable components.

So, you can remove the covers and detach the cushions twice or thrice a month. Also, keep your gaming chair clean and wash them with warm water to remove dust and dirt.

➔    Avoid Chemicals

 Please avoid using any chemical detergents for cleaning purposes. They can badly affect the color of your chair.

➔    Not to eat or drink

Always avoid eating or drinking while sitting on a chair. But, if your chair gets stained with oil or anything else, try to clean it as soon as possible.

➔    Keep your pets away

If you own a pet like a cat or a parrot, try to keep them away from your chair; otherwise, the results might be disastrous. The claws of your pet will cause it to wear and tear out.

➔    Protect from Sharp objects

Keep your chair safe from any sharp-edged objects like needles, knives, or blades because only a single scratch or abrasion is enough to tear off the Leather further.

➔    Handle Carefully

The last one is to sit correctly on your chair and handle the movements like heights, backrest, and armrest carefully and adequately. So you can save it from any breakage or damage.


1. How long does PU Leather last?

A suitable PU Leather lasts for 3-4 years. And if you clean it regularly and protect it from harmful objects, it may last up to 5 years.
A downside is PU Leather peels off easily compared to the original Leather, which usually lasts more than ten years.

2. Do Gaming Chairs make a difference?

Yes, Gaming Chairs make a considerable difference due to their countless physical and mental health benefits and also be used as an office chairs.
From preventing slumped posture to providing the best lumbar support, gaming chairs present every feature to give you the desired comfort level.

3. Why does a gaming chair squeak?

A Gaming Chair usually squeaks when any parts are loose or need lubrication. Another reason for squeaking sounds might be the tension in the springs, or if your chair is new, it may cause squeaking noises.
You can sort it out quickly by applying lubricating oil or grease to the squeaky parts. And if any screw is loosely attached, make sure to tighten it well to avoid any noise.

4. How long should the cheapest gaming chair last?

The cheapest gaming chair lasts hardly 1-2 years due to the poor quality material used in its production. The low-quality frame and Leather with no ergonomics can even cause it to break in months.

 5. How long should an average gaming chair last?

An average gaming chair usually lasts 3-4 years. Good quality material is used in their build-up, and the manufacturers also provide the warranty of these chairs.

6. How long should an expensive gaming chair last?

The lifespan of an expensive gaming chair is five years or more. The high-quality material and ergonomics make them stand long.
These are best-branded gaming chairs with a warranty certificate and also repair the chairs if they catch any damage.

Final Thoughts

The life duration of gaming chairs widely depends upon the cost and usage. The above article is based on thorough research to answer all your queries, and we hope you got all the valuable information for your new gaming chair.

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