How Much Is an Xbox 360 Worth?


Are you curious about how much your old Xbox 360 is worth? Many people are in the same boat. Even though the Xbox 360 is not new, people still want to buy it. This guide will help you understand what can make your used Xbox 360 more or less valuable.

How much can you sell your Xbox 360 for? On average, an original Xbox 360 is being sold for $47 on eBay. If you have a newer design called the Xbox 360 S, or “Slim,” you can sell it for around $70. The latest Xbox 360 E design goes for about $75.

The size of the hard drive stays the same price. But if you have the original box and all the parts, you can sell it for much more money.

Are Used Xbox 360s Still Valuable

When the Xbox One was released in 2013, the value of the Xbox 360 dropped significantly, affecting the used Xbox One worth as well.

Nowadays, depending on its condition and functionality, you can expect to get only $30 to $40 for your Xbox 360.

Shops specializing in buying used items also offer low payouts for these consoles. While contemplating the resale value of an Xbox 360, it’s wise to keep your expectations modest but stay optimistic. Some money is better than none.

Factors Influencing the Xbox 360’s Current Value



If your Xbox 360 looks new and you have the box and manual, you can sell it for more money—people who collect games like items in great shape. But if your Xbox shows lots of use, you will get less money for how you have taken care of your Xbox 360 matters when trying to sell it.

Model Variations

The Xbox 360 has undergone many changes. It started with versions like ‘Pro’ and ‘Arcade,’ followed by newer ones named ‘Slim’ and ‘E.’ Some older models had issues like the Red Ring of Death, unlike the newer Slim or E models, which work better and have fewer problems.

If you’re considering using an Xbox controller on PS4 or moving to a different console altogether and want to sell your Xbox 360, these newer models could fetch you a higher price.

Bundled Games & Accessories

If you have an Xbox 360, the games and accessories you own can make it worth more money. Classic games that are hard to find now can raise the price.

Original things like wireless controllers and special headsets can also add value. People may be willing to pay more when you sell it as a package with these extras. This can increase how much you get when you sell your Xbox 360.

Will The Xbox 360 Become a Collector’s Item

The Xbox 360 used to be popular, but many are out there. Because of that, they’re not super expensive if you want to buy one.

But think about this

As these game systems get older and harder to find, people might want them more, just like we see with old game systems like the NES.

It is cheap and fun to play older games right now, but it might be worth more money in the future. 


Want to know how much your Xbox 360 is worth? It is not just about how it looks or what games you have. Sometimes, older things get more valuable.

If you are considering selling or buying one, watch the prices carefully. And if you like to collect cool stuff, maybe keep it longer. It might be worth more later.