How to Boot Someone Offline Xbox


You haven’t landed here by accident bud. The fact is, this is your ultimate guide for learning how to boot your friends off Xbox. Why not?

Booting someone off literally means hitting them offline. You flood their internet with so much information that it cannot take it anymore and shuts down. 

Well, let me teach you all the steps that I’ve personally used to prank my friends. Trust me this is easier than you may have thought but oh, quite risky. 

Step No 1: Adjustment in Your Phone’s Settings


If you’re an IOS user, here’s what you’re supposed to do:

  • Head to your settings, then your battery, and make sure your low-power mode is turned off.
  • Make sure your Background App Refresh is not OFF. (go to your general and then background app refresh, to check).
  • Your device should be at least IOS version 11. Upgrade if it isn’t already.
  • Head back to your settings, click on Advanced, and then enable “JavaScript”.
  • From your settings, turn OFF the “block all cookies” option.

Remember, all these steps are to be done before downloading the app. 

If you are an Android user, repeat the same steps and give access to the browser you’re using, to download unknown apps.

Step No. 2: Download the App for DDOS

Download the app “BooterVIP”. Go to your search engine and type You can get the app here for free.

Search for it in the search bar and Click on “download now”. Give it a couple of seconds.

In most cases, the application will appear on your home screen. But don’t worry if it doesn’t. You can find it in downloaded profiles in your settings.

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Step No 3: How to Use the App

Open the app and choose “Enter Xbox Gamertag”. Type the gamer tag. Click on “Find IP”. After getting results, click on the option “boot them” in the bottom right.

Choose the amount of time and select how much traffic you want to send. That’s it! Your booting process has begun.

Once you are done, uninstall the app.

Illegal Action By The Government

Don’t forget that booting someone offline on Xbox is an illegal cybercrime by the government. File a complaint and request for a new IP if you ever get booted off by someone.

Ever Been Booted off By Your Friends FAQs

What applications can I use for Booting people offline on Xbox?

You can use XBoxBooter++, VIPBooter, Andosid, etc. for hitting someone offline.

Is booting gamers offline on Xbox illegal?

Yes, attempting to boot someone off Xbox is very illegal, though it may seem like a joke.

Can you get punished for Booting someone offline?

If you conduct a DDoS attack, or make, supply, or obtain stressor or booter services, you could receive a prison sentence, a fine, or both.