How to Clean a Gaming Chair

How to clean a gaming chair

We all know gaming chairs are expensive. So it is necessary to make sure that you keep them in a neat and clean condition. So here is a complete easy guide on how to remove stains from a gaming chair.

You can remove dust or other marks by spraying water on its lather fabric and rubbing it with a soft cloth. Use a little alcohol to remove stubborn stains. It is recommended to use the alcohol solution mixed with water by 1:1.

How should we clean our gaming chairs?

Well, it depends. The manufacturers give instruction books with the chair to let you know how to clean and maintain it.

Usually, it includes wiping the covers with warm water, vacuuming, and scrubbing the casters with a cleaning solution to make them move freely.

The most important thing here is to never use cheap products. They contain many chemicals that help temporarily, but they can damage them in the long run.

Where can I find the cleaning directions for gaming chairs?

There is a small tag on its back that gives you the cleaning instructions. ‘W’ means that it is washable with water only.

‘S’ means washing with solvent. ‘S/W’ means that it is washable with water and solvent or both.

The easy way to remove dirt is to use solvent first and then water.

Easy Steps on How to Clean a Gaming Chair

Here is the easy step-wise guide on how to clean a gaming chair. Let’s begin :

1. Verifying Your Gaming Chair’s Material

Every chair has a different material. Firstly, you must verify the material used. Different materials require other treatments.

And even plastic parts require some other cleaning procedures. So, get to know the upholstery of your gear first.

Frequently used materials:

PU Leather
PVC Leather
Once you get to know the material, it will become way easier to pick your cleaning procedure, which will be effective. Check other parts of your gaming chair too. Armrests, and wheels are there.

2. Required Cleaning Material and Equipment

Time to get your cleaning stuff together. Gather all the basic stuff that you will need to clean it in depth.

What material do you need to clean a gaming chair?

  1. A bucket
  2. Warm water
  3. A dry cloth
  4. Mild Detergent
  5. Brush
  6. Vacuum
material required to clean a gaming chair

How to remove dirt and grime from a gaming chair fabric?

It is common to have crumbs and frosting all over your chair as gamers tend to eat and drink while playing.

  1. First of all, take a bucket of warm water and dry cloth.
  2. Detergent can help remove the stains. Choose a mild detergent and mix it with water to create a solution.
  3. A mild detergent will clean your gaming gear without harming it.
  4. If it comprises well-built material like leather, then it can stand up against alcohol-based solvents.
  5. It is recommended to take a dry cloth or paper towels to dry it completely.

3. Brushing the Surface Dust

The easiest part comes here. There is no need for water or solvents here. You can take a brush and remove all the dirt and debris.

brushing the surface dust

Leather is the easiest to clean. The brush attachment will help you remove all the tiny pieces of dirt which you can’t clean with the vacuum.

4. Vacuuming the Surface

A vacuum is necessary for the fabric material as they tend to absorb the dust and debris in it. Wiping the surface won’t help here.

You will need a vacuum to help remove the dirt. A handheld vacuum that we use to clean the sofa is helpful here.

Some tricky corners are not easy to find as you can’t reach there.

How often should you vacuum your gaming chair?

Deep vacuuming after every two weeks is enough to keep it good as new for 5 years. Removing dirt and stains regularly will make them last longer than average.

5. Deep Cleaning

Sometimes you get coffee stains or pizza sauce while eating, and you think, how will this stain ever be removed? No matter how old that stain is, it’s still removable.

Some chairs need a gentle massage while rubbing, while some allow you to rub vigorously. It all depends upon the material.

How to clean the leather fabric of a gaming chair?

Leathers need gentle rubbing with water and soft rags. Vigorously rubbing can make it lose colour and look dull. Never rub the ‘mesh’. Use minimal force to remove the dust and hard stains.

deep cleaning

Its cleaning depends upon the rubbing force. The more strength you apply, the better. Using the later shiner is advised once you are done removing the stains from the fabric.

6. Removing Stubborn Stains

Some stains are very resilient to remove. You can get food stains on the chair, and when they get dry, they are very gritty to remove.

How to remove dry stains and food debris from a gaming chair?

Use alcohol-based solutions. And remember, you can’t put it all on the chair as we did in the case of water.

You have to use a cotton ball and apply a small amount of alcohol on it, and then gently press and rub on the stain you find. This method is very effective.

It is advised to remove wet stains as soon as possible.

7. Wash The Rest

Once you are done with the upholstery, almost all the work is over. We will do the rest like armrests, wheels, base, frame, cup holders.

How to clean the wheels and armrest of a gaming chair?

These materials mostly come up with plastic, so it becomes much more uncomplicated to clean them.

Take a soft rag with warm water and scrub the areas you find any dirt. You can also use a solvent to disinfect, it so you will know that it is clean and sterilized.

It will remove the stink, giving it a fresh fragrance and enhanced appearance. Make sure to use a dry cloth to wipe and make it dry. Don’t let it stay wet.

8. Time to Clean the Casters

All the steps are done by now. You can add a little more to give a finishing touch. You can clean the casters that will make it move smoothly without scratching over the floor.

How to Clean Casters of Gaming Chairs?

  1. Turn the heavy-duty gaming chair upside down, and unscrew the casters and remove them.
  2. Vacuum out all the dirt and debris in the steel pipe and then wash or rub it with a solvent. It is very requisite to clean them with a solvent to help remove all the grease and grime.
  3. You can also use alcohol-based solvent here as, unlike other parts, casters have steel or iron material. And they can bear the rubbing of alcohol.
  4. Clean the wheels in the same way.
caster cleaning

Once all is done, the last thing you can do is to oil up the casters. You can use WD-40, which is a very famous lubricant, to remove grease and rust. And it will protect the metal from corrosion and rust.


Cleaning the gaming chair seems to be a tricky part, but actually, it’s not. And all the steps you learned are way too easy. Once you’re done, it will look fresh as new.

So, let’s stop worrying about getting our gaming chair dirty and enjoy the gaming experience to its fullest. And beat your opponents in all your games.