How To Connect X-Rocker Gaming Chair To PS4

how to connect x rocker gaming chair with ps4

If you got a PS4 and a gaming chair, then the first thing you do is set and connect your X Rocker to your PS4. Some of us find it hard to do it for the first time. Here is the complete guide for them to learn how to connect both.

You don’t have to buy an HDMI or USB converter to connect your X rocker to your PS4, which is quite a relief. Buying extra cables or things is always a hassle for everyone.

Methods to Connect X Rocker Gaming Chair To PS4

Here are three simple ways to connect your gaming chair to the PS4:

  • Connecting Wirelessly
  • Connecting Via RAC Audio Cable
  • And Connecting Via Aux Cable

Let’s discuss the first option that we have :

Method 1: Connecting Wirelessly

It’s simple and easy. You will connect your gaming chair to the TV and then TV to the PS4 and enjoy the wireless gaming feature with your X Rocker.

Furthermore, it uses a transmitter that sends the signal to the built-in speakers. The transmitter comes with a package, so you don’t have to buy it yourself.

The steps are down below that you must know :

Step 1 : Connect the Transmitter to the TV

Take a shorter 3.5mm audio cable out of the box that comes with packing. The cord has green ends. You will use this cable to connect the transmitter to the TV.

Insert the green end of the cable into the input jack on the transmitter, and the other end will plug into the audio output of the TV.

There are different types of audio outputs that we find on the TV:

Audio Output:

It works with the audio cables that come with the gaming chair.

Headphone Jack:

It is specifically designed for your personal use and works with the audio cable that is available in the package.

Analog Audio Output:

It works with the audio cables, but the digital audio output is not compatible with the cords that we get. You will need to buy connecting cables and an output-to-cable adapter to make it compatible with digital audio output.

Step 2: Turn On the Chair and the Transmitter

The transmitter requires batteries for its power supply. So, the first thing to ensure is that the batteries are inserted into the transmitter to make it work. It needs to connect to a power supply via cable.

Lastly, the most vital thing in all of this is to verify that the transmitter and the gaming chair are working on the same band frequency. That’s not very problematic as there are only 3-bands, namely 1,2,3 bands.

The transmitter will send signals to the built-in speakers that we have already paired.

Step 3: Connect your TV to the PS4 Console

For the last step, use the HDMI cable that comes with the PS4 packing and connect it to your TV. Be assured that the PS4 has its power supply turned on. Time to turn your TV to the input source your PS4 is running on. It is the easiest step, and every one of us would have done it. And if not, then you have learned it now.

Method 2: Connecting via RAC Cables

Your X rocker gaming chair comes with a 3.5mm shorter RAC cable, 3.5mm longer RAC cable, and two B3 barrel adapters. Following are the steps which will show you how to connect it to PS4 with RAC cables.

connecting ps4 gaming chair with x rocker via RAC cables

Step 1: Assemble RAC Audio Cables

This step is super easy. We’ll connect two RAC cables with the help of two B3 barrel adapters. Red will link with red, and white will link with white.

Step 2: Connect the chair to the TV via RAC Cables

Connect the green end of the cord with the audio output of the TV. And the opposite end of the cord will connect to the audio jack on the control panel. And now the last thing in this step. Ensure that both the TV and the seat are connected to a power supply.

Step 3: Connect the PS4 Console to the TV

This step is utterly the same, and we have discussed it in step 3 of method 1. You can see it there if you have any confusion regarding this step.

Method 3: Connecting via Aux Cord

Aux cord is much easier than others. Following are the steps which will make you learn how to connect your gaming chair with a PS4.

connecting gaming chair via Aux cord

Step 1: Connect PS4 to the TV

It is the easiest step in this method, and we have discussed it earlier, and I believe every one of you must have learned it.

Step 2: Connect PS4 Controller via Aux Cord

Insert one end of the aux cable into the controller and the other end into the control panel of your X Rocker.

Make sure its power supply is turned on. And enjoy the best gaming experience.

Finally, we hope that we have helped you in learning to connect your gaming chair to the PS4.


Once and for all, we consider that the best way of connecting is to connect a wireless gaming chair to the TV and then TV to the gaming console.

You can use an HDMI or a USB converter to connect. If your gaming console has a Bluetooth feature, you can connect it to any mobile device, or laptop wirelessly to use the chair’s wondrous speakers. But unfortunately, you can’t connect PS4 to the chair via Bluetooth as it is used for audio mode only.