How to Fix Latency on Xbox?


Want better gaming on your Xbox One? A fast connection is critical. The quicker your game system talks to the internet, the better you will play.

Aim for a connection speed under 20 milliseconds for the best experience. So, let’s learn how to reduce lag on Xbox One games and improve your playtime.

See? It’s simple to make your gaming smoother and more fun.

Why is My Latency so High?


You want your games to respond fast when you press buttons, right? That’s called low latency. Aim for a number below 100ms to make sure your games work well.

What can slow you down?

  1. Slow internet.
  2. WiFi problems.
  3. Being far from the game server.
  4. Old internet equipment.
  5. Too many gadgets are using the internet.
  6. Apps that use up a lot of your internet.

That’s it! Make these better, and your gaming will improve.

How to Reduce Latency on Xbox One

  1. Check Your Internet: First, see if your internet is working well. A cable connection is better than Wi-Fi. If your router is old, think about getting a new one.
  2. Use Game Mode: On your Xbox, find the Game Mode setting and turn it on. This helps your games run better.
  3. Turn Off Extra Apps: Some apps slow down your Xbox. Go to Settings > All Settings > System  and then ‘Background Apps.’ Click ‘Disable All’.
  4. Check Xbox Heat: If your Xbox is too hot, it can slow down your games. You can find this in ‘Settings,’ under ‘System,’ and then ‘Console Info.’ If it is hot, you might need a fan.
  5. Update Your Xbox: Keep your Xbox updated. Go to ‘Settings > All Settings > and finally ‘Updates.’ Click ‘Check For Updates’.
  6. Change Game Settings: You can change settings to make it run better in each game. Look for options like Graphics Settings or Network Settings.
  7. Use a VPN: A VPN can make your connection better and safer. This helps your games run smoother.
  8. Turn On quality of service: This is in ‘Settings,’ then ‘All Settings,’ then ‘Network.’ Turn it on to make your game data go faster on your network.
  9. Limit Internet Use: If many people use the same internet, ensure everyone gets a fair share. This is in ‘Settings > All Settings >Network,’ and then ‘Bandwidth Limit.’
  10. Fix Your Router: Turn off things you do not need on your router. Make sure it’s secure. If it is still slow, think about getting a new router.

How to Improve Xbox Multiplayer Latency

To enhance your gaming experience and reduce lag, consider using a cable to connect your game console, whether accessing system storage on a PS4 or playing on another platform directly to your router. WiFi can become sluggish with multiple users, but a cable connection ensures a smoother, faster game even when others are online.

How to fix latency on Xbox FAQs

What is Latency?

Latency is the time it takes for data to travel from your gaming console to the server and back. Lower latency means faster and smoother gameplay.

What Factors Affect Latency on Xbox One?

Your internet speed, the distance to the gaming server, and even your home WiFi can affect latency. Using a wired connection can improve it.

Are There Any Other Tips to Reduce Latency?

Yes, closing unused apps on your Xbox One and setting it as the priority device on your router can lower latency.


If you want to have fun playing games on your Xbox, the games must not lag. Having a good internet connection helps a lot. But if you still have a lag, do not worry. We have tips to help you fix that problem.

Did you know? More than 70% of players say their games improve after improving their internet connection. So go ahead, make a few changes, and enjoy your gaming!