How to Mirror iPhone to Xbox One


You have an Xbox One and an iPhone, and you want them to work together. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to do.

You can use things like AirPlay or Miracast to get them talking. Your best bets for this are Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

They make it super easy to see your iPhone screen on your Xbox. But hey, if you don’t want to go that route, you can use other apps to make it happen. So try it out, and have fun playing games or watching videos on a bigger screen!

What is Device Mirroring

You can show what’s on your phone screen on your TV. If you have an iPhone, you use an AirPlay feature, usually for Apple TV. If you have an Android, you use something called Miracast.

Microsoft once had this feature for Xbox One but never fully released it. But don’t worry. You can still do it by downloading a particular app.

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How to Mirror iPhone to Xbox via Xbox App

If you like playing Xbox, Microsoft has an app you will love. The app works on iPhones with at least iOS 9.0 and Android phones with 4.1 or higher. With this app, you can buy new games without using your console.


You can also show off your gaming skills by sharing your gameplay. You can check how well you are doing in games and stay in touch with your gaming friends.

You do not even have to be near your Xbox to use it. The app makes it easy to enjoy your gaming life when you are not at home.

How to Use the Xbox App

  • Grab the Xbox App from your App Store or Google Play.
  • Make sure both your mobile and Xbox One are on the same Wi-Fi. You can tweak your Xbox Wi-Fi settings in the ‘Network Settings’ section.
  • Open the Xbox App and hit those three lines for the menu. Navigate to “Console,” then “Connect to your Xbox One.”
  • Select your Xbox One from the list and let the magic happen.
  • Now, you are in! Scroll to explore features. Tap your avatar if you are in the mood to socialize.
  • To go full wizard mode, use the remote control symbol at the bottom right of the app to rule your Xbox.

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How to Cast iPhone to Xbox with AirServer

Want to link your iPhone to your Xbox One without breaking a sweat? AirServer is your go-to app. For just $14.99, it turns your console into a welcoming host for all Apple devices. There is no need for tech knowledge or ‘jailbreaking’ your phone.

It’s just a pure, simple connection. It’s versatile, working like a charm with phones, TVs, and computers.

With AirServer, sharing apps, videos, or even your iPhone screen on your Xbox is a breeze. And because it uses AirPlay tech, it is as reliable as a sunrise. 

How to Use AirServer

  • Head over to your Xbox One Store. Look for “AirServer Xbox Edition” in the search bar.
  • Once found, click to install. Chill for a second while it does its thing.
  • All set? Awesome! Open the app.
  • Pick up your controller. Navigate right on the D-pad and hit A. This pops up a QR code.
  • It’s time for your iPhone to join the party! Download the “AirServer Connect” app. Open it.
  • Find the “Scan QR Code” button and give the app camera access.
  • Scan that QR code, and voila! Your iPhone screen is now connected to your Xbox One.


This article is your go-to handbook for linking your iPhone to your Xbox One, allowing for screen sharing between the two devices.

Whether you are aiming to play Xbox games on your iPhone or you would instead cast your iPhone’s content onto your Xbox, follow these steps, and you are golden.