How to Sit on a Gaming Chair- A Proper Sitting Posture

how to sit on a gaming chair

After buying a gaming chair, we need to know how to sit on a gaming chair to gain our work’s best possible outcome. The most important thing is your posture. To have the best experience, you must choose the equitable size.

It is considered best to sit on a gaming chair with an erect back. Adjust the lumbar support and seat recline in a “comfortable back position” to enjoy the gaming adventure at full.

Ergonomic Seating – Health and Fun Side by Side

Afterward, we must adjust the seat height with our feet flat on the floor. And knees at a 90° angle.

Arms have to relax without lifting your shoulders so that shoulder-neck muscles do not get fatigued. The upholstery also plays a vital role in comfort ergonomic sitting.

Why Does the Proper Gaming Posture Matter?

Gaming posture is a static position that you retain to hold your body while playing video games. It includes the posture of the entire person, from your toe to your neck.

And it is utterly vital for your health and good physical condition.

What happens if you don’t sit in the optimal position?

If you’re not sitting in an optimal position, your spine has to hold all the weight of your body. All the pressure lies on the spinal cord to hold your body against gravity.

Ultimately, your body tires after just a few hours, and your body begins to take a slouch shape. And after some time, it becomes your normal position. It is where gaming posture matters, and you must know how to maintain a proper posture while sitting on a gaming chair.

How to attain the perfect posture to sit on a gaming chair?

Let us discuss what are the things we can take care of to maintain a proper sitting.

Adjust The Seat Height

We must adjust seat height which is directly related to the length of the lower leg. The feet will be flat on the floor, and your knee joints forming an angle of 90°.

The tilt may get larger depending upon your comfort level. The knees will be lower than the hips.

If the chair is not your size, it will exert pressure on your shoulder and back muscles. Consequently, leading to back pain.

What is the best height of a gaming chair according to your height?

Here, have a quick guide on adjusting the seat height according to your desk height and comfort for better sitting posture.

Your HeightChair HeightDesk Height
5’0’’ – 5’3’’
(152.4 cm – 160.02cm)
16’’ ( 40.64 cm)23’’ (58.42 cm)
5’4 – 5’7’’
(162.56 cm – 170.18 cm)
17’’ (43.18 cm)25’’ (63.5 cm)
5’8’’ – 6’00’’
(172.72 cm – 182.80 cm)
18’’ (45.72 cm)26’’ (66.04 cm)
(185.42 cm)
18’’ (45.72 cm)26’’ (66.04 cm)
(187.96 cm)
19’’ (48.26 cm)29’’ (73.66cm)
(190.5 cm)
20’’ (50.8 cm)30’’ (76.2cm)

Adjust The Tilt

Every good chair has an adjustable seat tilt, so you must consider it to make your back comfortable with your chair.

It brings your pelvis slightly forward, promoting a good sitting posture.

What is the best tilt angle of a gaming chair?

90-120 degrees.

Your gaming chair should be at 110 to 120 degrees for optimal posture. It will promote a healthy posture while being comfortable.

An angle between 90 to 115 or 120 degrees is considered the best tilt angle.

Backrest Adjustment

Never forget to adjust the back tilt, which is the salient hallmark of gaming chairs, to get yourself in a healthy upright posture.

A slight pressure from the backrest will help the natural curve of your spine. And eliminate all the force from the back muscles. Adjust Lumbar support so that lumbar cushions feel cozy for your lower back.

How to adjust the backrest for a gaming chair?

You can adjust the backrest by turning the knob on the backrest or stem. Once you position it in your comfort place, tighten it to its former form.

What is the best position to backrest while sitting on a gaming chair?

When you are sitting on a chair, you have to keep your spine in an upright position as you are standing, so you must get your back always in contact with the backrest.

It comes up with a design to support the natural spinal curve of your back.

Set The Armrests

They are very beneficial in eradicating the pressure and weight from your shoulders, neck, and upper back. So, always keep it in mind to adjust its height by your conformity.

If you correctly adjust them, your shoulders will neither pull up nor down, leaving the angle between your upper and lower back to 90°.

Some chairs come up with 3D and 4D armrests that you can adjust in all four directions. If you have got that chair, you’re lucky then. It will surely help you to make yourself comfortable in the chair by adjusting it accordingly.

Chair Size Matters A Lot

Never forget to buy a gaming chair that matches your body size. If your chair is not of your size, it will cause trouble.

If the chair is small, it will not give full support to your spine. It will lead to neck pain, and you will not be able to sit for a long time.

If your seat depth is short, it will lead to an unhealthy sitting posture that can cause health problems. Similarly, if your chair is too big, it will not allow you to maintain a good posture, and the chair’s ergonomic design will go in vain.

Gaming Chair Angle

The chair being at 90° does not support your back like a regular chair, and you can’t sit on it for a long time. Similarly, the chair should not be reclined too much for the whole time.

Gaming chairs have a back angle of around 120° for better posture that supports better blood circulation in the body. It will help the backache and allow the muscles to relax. Otherwise, muscles get contracted when they are in tension. And we don’t want that here.

What should be the Best Position of Monitor?

The neck is the most commonly affected part of the body when you sit for a long time in an unsuitable position.

You have to place the monitor right in front of you so that your neck and head remain static and unswerving.

The centre of your TV screen should align just above eye level. It will surely help you eliminate neck pain even after sitting all day.

How to sit on gaming chair

Risk Factors of poor sitting position.

  • Bad Posture

It affects the discs and bones of the spine and can lead to degeneration. More pressure on the back can lead to a medical condition known as disc slip.

Poor sitting posture can cause serious health problems that will make you remain clueless until it has done some significant damage. Poor posture can lay more than 150% of your body.

  • Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis is also a risk factor for poor posture. The narrowing of the spinal canal is a sign of it. People come up with symptoms including numbness, weakness, and pain around the spinal cord. It may occur due to nerve root irritation.

  • Sore Muscles or Kyphosis

Muscles are also involved, so you must keep your body safe from muscle dystrophy. Kyphosis is a medical condition where your spinal cord becomes curved, resulting in an abnormal rounding of the back.

People who like to sit in a forward drifted position are likely to develop kyphosis.


Maintaining a good gaming posture is the foremost duty of a gamer; it can save you from horrible conditions and put your body in a better position.

These were the main things everyone must come to know after buying a gaming chair. What’s using a gaming chair if you’re not using it accurately? Be assured of using all the chair features to make you comfortable and remain in an optimal position.

Best of luck with your better future gaming experience!