How to Use Xbox One Controller on PS4?


Got a PS4 but love the Xbox One controller? Do not worry. You can use it even if Sony does not officially say so.

You will not need any unique stuff to make it work. Just follow some easy steps to game on your PS4 with your favorite controller. So, let’s get you set up!

How to Use Xbox One Controller on PS4 No Adapter – Steps

1. Update Your Xbox One Controller Firmware

You are dreaming of using your Xbox One controller. Brand loyalty needs to be more rated. First, connect that Xbox controller to your Xbox One with a USB cable.


Yes, the console needs to be on.

Then, dive into your console’s ‘System Settings’ and click ‘Devices & Accessories.’ Pick the controller you are updating, hit ‘Update Firmware,’ and let the magic happen. Your console will do the heavy lifting, finding and installing the latest firmware.

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2. Pair Your Xbox One Controller with Your PS4

If you want to use your Xbox One controller with your PS4, here is what you need to do. First, connect your Xbox controller to the PS4 with a USB cable.

Press the PlayStation button on the controller until you see a flashing light. That means it’s working!

Next, go to ‘Settings’ on your PS4. Choose ‘Devices,’ then ‘Bluetooth Devices.’ You will see a ‘Wireless Controller’ pop-up. Click on it. Now your Xbox One controller and PS4 are connected.

3. Configure Controller Settings on Your PS4

After you have connected your Xbox One controller to your PS4, there are a few more steps to make it work just right.

Go to ‘Settings’ on your PS4, then pick ‘Accessibility’ and ‘Button Assignments.’ Turn on the ‘Customize Button Assignments’ option.

Now, you can change the button layout to what you like. This is important because the Xbox and PS4 controllers are different.

Take a few moments to learn the new buttons so you stay aware while playing.

Do Xbox 360 Controllers Use Bluetooth?

Older Xbox 360 controllers cannot use Bluetooth. They need a special USB plug to work.


Some newer Xbox One controllers can use Bluetooth with a computer, but not all. Make sure you buy one that says it has Bluetooth support. 

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How to Use Xbox 360 Controller on PS4 Without an Adapter

To connect the controller to your Switch, do these three things: 

Plug the adapter into the Switch. Turn the Switch on. Make your Joy-Cons talk to the Switch.

If you have an Xbox 360, you can now use your phone or tablet to control it, thanks to the new SmartGlass app.

You can even play games and watch movies from your Xbox on your phone or tablet. Plus, you can use your device as a second screen for your Xbox.


To sum up, you can use your Xbox One controller with your PS4 even though Sony does not officially accept it. Just follow the steps we talked about.

But remember, this might not work perfectly for all games. So, try it out and see how it goes, but know that you’re doing it at your own risk.