Mic on PS4 Controller


Ever asked if your PS4 controller has a mic? We looked into it for you. The PS4 controller is excellent. It can shake in your hands with its DualShock feature and has a neat light on it.

So, does it have a mic? The answer is no. If you want to talk while you play, you must get an extra mic or a headset.

But do not worry, it is not a big deal. Just plug in and have fun! Keep playing, and never give up.

Is There a Microphone on The PS4 Controller

You have a PS4 controller, and you are ready to play. But you want to talk to your friends while gaming, right? Well, your PS4 controller by itself will not let you do that. It can make game noises but won’t listen to you talk.

Do not worry, there is a fix. While you cannot talk into your controller, you can add something to it to make it work. This is called a PS4 controller microphone setup.

You get this extra piece, plug it in, and now you can talk to your friends while you play.

How To Set Up Mic on PS4 Controller

Step 1: Plug in Headset First, plug your headset into the controller. You need to do this before anything else.

Step 2: Press the PS Button. Hold down the PS button on your controller for about two seconds. A menu will show up on your screen.

Step 3: Go to Sound Settings. On this menu, click Sound and Screen and Audio Output Settings.

Step 4: Choose Controller Chat. Find where it says Output Device. Click on it and choose Controller Chat.

How To Talk on PS4 Without Headset

You want to chat on your PS4, but the universe conspired against you, and you do not have a headset? Worry not, my friend. Here is your guide to digital eloquence without that hunk of plastic on your head.

Step 1: Silence the Mic. First up, mute that microphone. No one wants to hear you chew.

Step 2: Voice Chat Back On Slide into Settings and hit the “Voice Chat” button. If the tech gods still are not smiling, keep reading.

Step 3: Access Game Settings. Got a PS4? Tap ‘X’ on the touchpad. Navigate like a pro to Settings > Headset > Off.

Step 4: Fresh Start Exit the game menu. Count to three, or do not, and jump back in.

Step 5: Power Up. Switch your non-existent headset on by pressing the A button. Yeah, it sounds counterintuitive, but stick with me.

Step 6: Final Touch See a button labeled PS? Click it like it owes you money.

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PS4 Controller Mic Not Working – Fixes


Check Your Headset

Are you having problems with your PS4 mic? Let’s fix it! First, ensure your headset’s cables are plugged into the right spots. Check if they fit well.

Next, look inside those small holes where the cables go. Make sure no dust or tiny stuff is blocking it. If there is, clean it out.

So, remember, plug in your cables the right way and keep things clean. Do these simple steps, and you will be ready to play your game without trouble.

Check Your Mic Boom

Step 1: Make Sure Everything’s Plugged In First, unplug your headset from your game controller. Please take out the part you talk into, called the mic boom, and put it back in. Plug the headset back into the controller.

Step 2: Try It On Something Else. Next, see if the headset works on another device, like your phone. Make a call and check if you can be heard.

Still, needs to be fixed? You might need a new mic boom. Or you can try a quick trick:

  1. Plug your headset back into the controller.
  2. Pull the mic boom partway out and plug it back in. Do this a few times until you hear a buzzing sound.
  3. Test the mic again to see if it works.

Manually Update Audio Driver

If your microphone is not working well, do not worry. First, go to the website of the company that made your mic. Look for the newest software for your mic, called a driver. Download it and then install it on your computer.

This might take a little time, and you need to know a bit about computers, but it’s worth it. Doing this will make your mic work better. 

Automatically Update Audio Driver

How do you update the sound stuff on your computer? No problem! Use Driver Easy. It checks your computer to find what needs updating.

Then, it puts in the proper updates for you. You do not have to know anything about computers or worry about making mistakes.

Driver Easy does everything, so you do not have to. It is quick and easy. It saves you time, and you do not have to be stressed. 

Wrapping Up!

Your PS4 controller does not have a mic. Do not worry. You can buy a separate mic that works with it. Or, you can use headphones that already have a mic. Some even come with special plugs for your PS4 controller.

If you want to talk clearly with your team, using headphones with a mic is best. So, get yourself a mic and make teaming up easier.