PlayStation 4 HDMI Port Repair


You are ready to play on your PS4, but your TV has no picture. This could be because of a damaged HDMI port. It is frustrating, just like other problems with PlayStation, such as overheating or crashing.

But do not worry, we have got a way to help you.

First, look at your HDMI port closely. Does it look damaged? If it does, you might need an expert to fix it.

We have helped people with various tech problems, like connecting gaming chairs to Xbox One. We can also guide you on how to fix your PS4 HDMI issue. The main point is to get you back to playing your games as soon as possible.

Signs of a Faulty PS4 HDMI Port 

  1. You turn on your PS4 and see a white light, but nothing shows up on the TV. This is often called the “White Light of Death.”
  2. The picture and sound on your TV look and sound wrong.
  3. Look at the small metal pieces inside the hole where the HDMI cable goes. If they are bent or broken, that’s a problem.
  4. Also, check if that hole looks pushed in or not straight. It should be level and straight.

If you see a blue light, it is usually not about the HDMI but something else inside your PS4.

These are the clues that tell you if your PS4 HDMI is not working well. If you notice these, it’s time to look for a fix. Do not worry, and you will figure it out.

Can You Repair a Broken HDMI Port?

If something’s not working, the first step is to discover why. If it is a bad HDMI cable, get a new one, and you are ready.


But if the problem is inside the HDMI port, you might need special tools and some knowledge to fix it.

So, the answer is complex; it depends on what’s causing the issue.

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How To Fix a Damaged PS4 HDMI Port

Let’s fix your PS4 HDMI problem so you can return to playing games! First, you need some tools and parts. Do not worry, you can find them cheap on Amazon.

Tools you will need

  • A basic electronics kit or a special HDMI repair kit.
  • A tool to melt metal is called a soldering iron.
  • A tool to remove melted metal is called a desoldering pump.
  • Something to make small things look bigger, like a magnifying glass.
  • A hot air machine for delicate work.

Parts you will need

  • A new HDMI port.
  • Some metal for soldering, called solder tin.
  • Liquid to help with soldering, called solder flux.
  • A string to clean up is called a solder wick.

Now you have everything to start fixing your PS4 HDMI port. Our guide breaks down each step into easy-to-follow parts. 

  • Open the Cover: First, remove the PS4 cover. Take off the stickers at the corners and unscrew the screws. The cover should come right off.
  • Loosen Power Supply: On the right side, you will find five screws holding the power supply. Unscrew them.
  • Unplug Small Cable: A tiny cable in the corner is connected to the power supply. Unplug it.
  • Remove Power Supply: Lift the power supply unit up and away from the PS4.
  • Take Out Cables: You will see some cables under the power supply. Unplug them and take out any screws there.
  • Get to Hard Drive: Remove the small plastic cover, unscrew the screws, and pull out the hard drive tray.
  • Remove Big Shield: You will see a large shield held down by 12 screws. Unscrew them and lift the shield away.
  • Lift Heatsink: Two large screws are holding a heatsink clamp. Unscrew them and lift the clamp off.
  • Take Out the Motherboard: First, unplug the connector. Then, remove the large metal plate covering the motherboard. Carefully lift the motherboard out.
  • Fix HDMI Port: Put some flux on the broken pins. Use your soldering iron to remove old solder.
  • Clean Up: Use a cotton ball and alcohol to clean the area.
  • Add New HDMI Port: Place the new HDMI port over the holes and solder the small pins in place.

There you go! If you follow these steps, you will fix your PS4’s HDMI port yourself.


Is your PS4 HDMI port giving you trouble? You are not alone. The design is not great, and it can break easily.

If you are up for it, you can fix it yourself with some tools and skills in soldering. But if you are unsure, it is better to ask an expert for help. You do not want to make things worse.

Want to keep this problem from happening again? Be careful when you plug in or take out the cable. Do not use too much force, and you will help keep your HDMI port safe for the future.