PU Leather VS Fabric Gaming Chairs

pu leather vs fabric material gaming chair

There are millions of options when you come to know about gaming chairs. For every gamer who wants to buy them, a question arises. What is the difference between Polyurethane Leather and Fabric? Which one is better? And What difference does it make?

The main difference between leather and fabric is that the gaming chairs with cotton or linen silhouettes are more breathable and comfortable. In contrast, PU Leather gaming chairs are more durable, 100% vegan, and environmentally friendly.

To solve this dilemma of yours. We’ll look at all the various aspects of these materials, which will help you understand how they affect your gaming experience. After all, they are not cheap.

PU Leather VS Fabric Gaming Seats – A Detailed Comparison

PU Leather Gaming Chairs

As compared to genuine leather, It is cheap and more breathable. But, a cloth seat is stiff and has more vibrant color options to brighten your gaming zone. Scroll down to know the side-to-side comparison.

Why does the material of a gaming chair matter?

You are probably going to sit for hours on them. If the material is not breathable or suitable for the atmosphere and temperature, There is no one size fits all. And if the material is not durable, you’ll need to spend more than actual.

What Does PU Leather Have In It?

It is artificial and made from split leather. The Split is the remainder of the pure leather from the animal skin. After producing high-quality, whatever is remaining is called split. And manufacturers use it to make PU.

So, it makes Polyurethane cheaper than the actual one but not a bad option.

Why Do the PU Leather Gaming Chairs are So Shiny and Glossy?

For a shiny appearance, the split leather is covered in Polyurethane and applied to the furniture surfaces to make it a glossy appearance.

Is PU Leather Vegan? – An Ethical and Environmental Responsibility.

Polyurethane Leather is made of 100% vegan options and is PETA-approved. But when it comes to eco-sustainability, it is not even biodegradable.

Pros and Cons of PU Leather



Polyurethane is very affordable compared to actual/genuine leather. It will save you money and give you the feel of genuine comfort and royalty.


You can’t tell whether it is pure or artificial unless you have deep knowledge. They are identical in appearance and give a shiny look. And you will only notice when you get a closer look.

Resistant To Stains

It is impermeable and does not absorb any stain. Nothing to worry about if you drop any liquid or food on it. You can easily wipe it off with a wet cloth and make sitting easy and ergonomic. It makes it immune to spills and stains.


It is far more durable than any other material despite being cheaper. It can resist any weather unless you start cutting it up. It loses its glamor after some years, but it will remain comfortable always, just like before.

What is the difference between Faux and PU Leather?

The main difference between Faux and PU is that the latter is purely artificial, but Faux has genuine leather pieces. PU is also known as synthetic leather.

PU material is mixed with Polyurethane for a shiny look. Faux has polyester that gives it a better look and makes it long-lasting.


Let’s look at the other side:

Trapping Heat

It is impermeable, which makes it unbreathable. This material does not breathe at all, and neither does your body. It will cause the temperature to rise very quickly if you sit for a long time. This can make you uncomfortable and sweaty.

Cheap Closer Look

As we discussed earlier, it gives a feel of royalty unless you take a closer look. Then you will get to know the difference between artificial and pure leather.

Easy To Damage

It does not hold up against many accidents. If you have a cat at home, your seat will likely encounter much damage from its nails.

If you cut, it will start ripping off from there. These are the only instructions manufacturers give us to save your material from cuts.

Fabric Gaming Chairs

The one thing that is sure great about them is “breathable conditions.” You can sit on them for more hours, and the cloth material goes well with hotter climates.

What Does Fabric Bring For Us?

It is not a typical material, but it is a general term used for many materials. They are a combination of cotton, linen, polyester, or mesh. It is cheaper, but you will not get that premier feeling with a shiny look.

Are Fabric Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Well, it depends on you. The one best thing about the cloth gaming seats is that they are better breathable. Gamers can sit more comfortably on them without any additional heat.

Is Fabric or Cotton Cheap as compared to PU Leather?

Yes, it is more pocket friendly as compared to the original PU. If you are tight on budget, it is the right choice for you as it is inexpensive compared to leather.

Pros and Cons of Fabric Material



This material is also very affordable. The reason is its production doesn’t cost much. So, it makes a cheaper product.

More Breathable

It is way more breathable. It has tiny holes as it is woven and provides a passage of air to move in and out. Unlike synthetic material, it does not get hot if you sit on it for a longer time.

It will prevent you from sweating, and even if you sweat, you will not stick to the back. It is also easy to maintain and clean.


The cloth is also thought to be highly durable, but it depends on the quality and type of material you buy. If you have tight and durable woven, the cloth will last much longer than expected.


Highly Permeable

It is highly permeable and absorbs any liquid or stain in it. And the marks are very hard to remove. You can’t wipe it off with a cloth, so you must wash it. If you leave a stain and it gets dried up, it will take more effort to clean it.

It is not recommended to eat or drink on the fabric gaming seats because the consequences are difficult to see.


Upkeep or maintenance of them is complicated. You have to keep the fabric away from dust or animals and clean it at the moment if it gets any stain.

Which One Is The Best? What We Recommend!

Well, this answer wholly depends upon environmental and personal preferences. All the pros and cons we discussed before can be eliminated or enhanced by the environmental factor and your usage. So, no one, but you, knows the answer to this question.

If I talk about myself, I am not a cleaning guy. So, I would go for PU due to this reason. But not everyone is like me.

Similarly, you can play video games the whole time. And can eat or drink on your seat without any worry. As you know, you can wipe it off merely with a cloth.

On the other hand, don’t forget that if you live in a hot area, PU will cause many problems. Sweating is common there, which will cause irritation and itching. And you will not be able to play for a longer time. But the cloth material there will be comfortable for offices chair while PU is better for gaming seats.

What is the Difference between Mesh And PU Leather Gaming Chairs?

A mesh skin graft is made from a skin patch that we cut to create a mesh. Mesh is a very famous material and is different. It is loosely woven and knitted that has many small holes.

Which material is the Best Alternative to PU and Fabric?

Mesh. We consider it to be the best alternative. Mesh gaming seats are more breathable and provide more ventilation. It does not accumulate heat, which means no sweating.

This makes them comfortable and relaxing, and you can use them for a long time. They are cheap and readily available, so they are anyone’s first choice.

Are Mesh Gaming Chairs Comfortable?

Mesh materials don’t offer comfort. Like other materials that contour the shape of your body, but not the same in this case. And also, they are not durable. The softer material can sag easily.

Pros of Mesh Material:

  • Ventilation
  • Maintenance
  • Cheap
  • Easily Available

Cons of Mesh Material:

  • Less Durability
  • Less Comfort

To Wrap It Up!

The Material for the gaming chairs matters a lot. If you are not feeling comfortable while sitting on them, you’ll not be able to play well. Going for synthetic or Faux material is recommended if you belong to a cooler state. And, if you’re from taxes or Florida, then better to choose cotton material.