Respawn 400-Big and Tall Gaming Chair Review

RESPAWN 400 gaming chair

Being a diehard gaming fan, I can understand the value of good equipment. If you’re going to sit for 8 hours a day, you need to invest in Respawn’s best gaming seat.

Respawn 400 gaming chair is peculiarly known as “The Seat For Big And Tall” because of its weight limit. It is often remarked as the pocket-friendly alternative to the DX-max TS29 expensive gaming seat.

In this article, we will review every aspect of it and let you know Is it worth your money? And is it as heavy-duty as claimed or not?

The First look – A Beasty Beauty

At first glance, It will leave a long-lasting impression. It will have a chemical smell, which you can remove by wiping with an alcohol cleaner.

The adjustable armrests and head and lumbar cushions will catch your attention. The shiny leather gives it a fresh look, and thick padding enhances its looks.

Honestly, I loved it at first look, and I have loved it since then, but I have had my fair share of complaints in the past year.

Technical Specifications RESPAWN 400

Dimensions 28.5 x 31.75 x 50.25 inches
Item Weight 27 pounds
Maximum Weight Capacity 400 pounds
Lumbar Support Adjustable
Tilt, Tilt Lock, and Reclining Available
Arm Rest 4D and Adjustable
Recline Upto 130°
Height Adjustable

Before diving directly onto the feature, look at how I assemble it within a matter of minutes.

Setting Up of RESPAWN 400

The assembling was pretty unadorned and easiest. The pieces have bubble wraps around them instead of any styrofoam.

It comes in 6 parts, and all you have to do is connect those pieces with some bolts.

  • Take a wrench or a plier.
  • And fix all the pieces one by one with the help of bolts and screws.
  • The screws have letters to guide you to which screws will connect with which part.

Every part fits perfectly, and there is no manufacturing issue. It will hardly take 10 to 15 minutes to sum up all the work.

You will get an instruction book in the box. You can use it if you find any trouble assembling it.

Done with the technicalities and assembling, now have a detailed rundown on features.

Features of RESPAWN 400

1. Material

The durable material here is leather. I loved every bit. The leather is soft and thick and contours the shape of your body, making you most comfortable.

You have to show some care towards it to make it last longer. And you may see some wear and tears, which is normal. So, no need to worry about that because you can take care of it.

What is the Base of Respawn 400 made off?

It has a steel tube frame base that perfectly supports up to 275pounds.

Respawn 400 bonded leather gaming chair

2. Armrests

It was the highlighting feature that tempted me to buy it. I prefer to put my armrests and headrest in a comfortable position.

What type of armrest does Respawn 400 gaming chair have?

It comes up with 4D armrests that you can adjust and move in all four directions. You can move it up and down, left and right, and even rotate it as per your needs.

There are buttons on the front of the armrests that control all these features. The armrests have thick and soft padding over them, which is the icing on the cake.

4d Armrests gaming chair in blue and black

3. Reclining Ability

The backrest has dimensions of 31.75″ × 50.25″, which is perfect. It has a high backrest that correctly supports your neck and head. The motion is swift, and you will not have to put much pressure to make it recline.

How far can Respawn 400 Big and tall gaming chair recline back?

It can only recline up to 130°. It reclines just like a regular office seat. The tilt lever is directly under it, which allows a smooth transition.

That was a little drawback for me because almost in the same price tag, we have better options too.

Respawn 400 recling gaming chair

4. Adjustable Seat Height

The seat height measures around 16.75″ to 19.50″. The depth is 24.25″, and the width is 22.75″ to 24.25″ between the two armrests.

Can you adjust the seat height of Respawn 400?

You can adjust it according to your computer screen to align your eyes with the screen. There is a black lever on the right side that you can pull to adjust the height.

Heavy duty gaming chair

5. Comfort and Ergonomics

The manufacturers have spent their efforts on making it comfortable for you. The material is soft, and its ergonomic design prevents you from all back and neck pains.

The lumbar support pillow is there to meet the natural curve of your body.The lumbar support pillow is there to meet the natural curve of your body. The ergonomics are great; you won’t have any footrest features.

How vast is the seat cushion?

It is 17-3/4″ wide. The seat is 23″ wide from lip to lip. You can quickly move within it.

6. Durability and Performance

When we talk about durability, you have to remember that it can bear a maximum weight of 300 pounds. At first, I thought the base was of plastic, but that’s not true.

The base is of high-quality steel to make it last longer. It is lightweight, but the material is highly durable and sustainable.

7. Editor’s Experiments

For checking its durability caliber. I dropped 50kg weight in a bag from a 1-foot height, but it did not break, and the leather did not crack either. But there was a little mark, which is obvious.

But the notable thing was that it did not break a bit. So, this seat will not leave your side for a long time.

What is the Price of Respawn 400 gaming Chair?

You will find this chair on Amazon for around 240$. The price looks justified when looking at all the features, and it provides for your comfort.

Mainly heavy-duty gaming seating gear is a bit more expensive than others. But still, we are getting it under 250$.

Pros and Cons


  • 4D adjustable armrests are the best highlight of it. You make its seat wider by moving the armrests away.
  • It is a perfect heavy-duty gaming chair suitable for any wide and tall.
  • The faux leather makes it more durable and also adds to its looks.
  • it is adjustable in every portion that you can look after.
  • Great lumber support and seating space.


  • The reclining ability is much less than other products in this price range. If you’re spending more than 200$, you expect it to recline for at least 150°.
  • You cannot remove the back without cutting the fabric.

Warranty Concerns

It has the same warranty as other Respawn products. By any chance, if you get a defective piece, you can get a free replacement for your order.

But that works only in specific conditions.

  • It should be in everyday use, and you should use it for eight hours a day, five days a week. And never cross the maximum weight limit, which is 275 pounds.
  • Make sure not to use this product for rental and commercial purposes. It should be used by you solely.

If you don’t follow any of these conditions, the warranty won’t apply. The transportation is under the company, and if you receive any damaged or defective product, you can claim the warranty.

  • The warranty does not cover the fading of the material, and if you misuse this chair.
  • Accidents and repairing it from the market will lead to the cancellation of the warranty.

Shipping Experience

Let’s begin from the top. The shipping was quite satisfying. It usually takes 1 to 2 working days to deliver the order, and I received my order on the second day.

Does Respawn offer free delivery for gaming chairs?

Yes, I got free delivery, as they are offering free delivery across the country in 48 states except for Hawaii and Alaska. They don’t offer delivery to P.O. box addresses. Other than that, they may charge you around 10 to 20$.

Experience with Customer Service – The other side of the Picture.

I have a gang that I refer to as “the best stuff gamers.” One of my friends who weighs over 275 pounds said;

“Designed by Someone who may not have experienced over 200 pounds.” the armrest is sticky plastic and unsuitable for extreme weather.

We tried to contact customer services (We tested over ten times), and it takes five rings to reach a voicemail, and still, no one answers or calls back.

Is Respawn 400 big and Tall Worth it?

It is not suitable for a person who weighs over 280 pounds. Not as “heavy-duty” as it claimed. But if your weight is under 250 pounds, it is a pocket-friendly option.


If you’re a moderate user, it is perfect for you, simple as that. The overall material is acceptable. The base is solid and pretty hard.

The assembling was easy. The drawback is the reclining factor. If the “tilting” is not a big issue for you, go for it.