The Cheapest Homall Ergonomic S-Racer Gaming Chair with Footrest

homall s-racer gaming chair

The Cheapest Homall Ergonomic S-Racer Gaming Chair with Footrest The Homall brand seems never to disappoint when it comes to the best gaming chairs. You can’t disregard their products while in search of a perfect chair. If you want to speed things up, you can deem the Homall brand as they present an exceptional list of gaming chairs, which you can pick one from with the best attributes at such affordable prices. Luxury comes with a price, and you have to pay extra to get extra.

The Homall Gaming Chair comes with smooth PU Leather and can recline up to 160° to stretch your muscles and elevate blood flow. The racing-style design with carbon fiber PU Leather gives it a premium look.

But not every time you need a high budget to acquire something worth buying. Some brands even fulfill your wish for under 100$. We are familiarizing you with the best gaming chair you can wish for with overwhelming features to compete with many expensive chairs of well-known brands. And guess what? The surprising part is that you can get all of this for under 100$.

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Technical Features of Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair

  • 300 lbs maximum capacity
  • 160° recline
  • PU leather
  • Retractable Footrest
  • Safety Certified Gas lift
  • 360 Degree Smooth Swivel
  • Silent Wheels
  • Gas Lift to Hold Sudden Weight

Distinctive Features of Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair

1. Dimensions

The dimensions for this chair are 33.5 x 20.6 x 44.8 inches. The seat dimensions are 21.5 × 22.8 inches. The seat height from the ground ranges from 14.3 to 17.5 inches.

The backrest dimensions are 21.5 × 32.5 inches. The tall backrest indicates that it can accommodate tall people too.

2. Carbon Fiber PU Leather

This chair comes wrapped in pure black leather to give it a shiny and sleek appearance. The premium Carbon Fibre thick PU Leather all around this chair makes it adorable and highly enchanting.

The entire seat has a wrapping of elastic PU Leather that doesn’t crack or develop any abrasions over the surface. It stretches to let it feel soft on the skin and dispels all skin rashes causing agents. It also presents elastic high-density sponge foam underneath the leather, which ultimately enhances the allure and charm of this leather.

PU Leather is not genuine leather, but it includes remains of the original leather mixed with Polyurethane coating. It gives you the feeling of original leather at a much lesser cost.

After some use, you can expect some wear and tear signs or any crack on this leather as it’s not original leather. The tight stitches on this leather are very hard to find. Moreover, as we all know, it is the easiest to clean. You don’t even have to wash it with an alcohol-based cleaner.

3. Color Options

This chair comes up with unique choices of colors. It looks pleasant in every color and presents with:

  • Black 
  • Blue
  • Light Grey
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Light Green

4. Weight Recommendation

This chair can hold 300 pounds of maximum weight.

It is not supposed to be a heavy-duty gaming chair but has all the capabilities to overwhelm you with its longevity.

5. Adjustability

For a chair around 100$, you don’t assume it to be adjustable in all possible ways. And so does this chair. Apart from one or two things, it has a button for every movement, and luckily, you can make it suitable for you as per your needs.

The backrest and the seat height move in all the ways to let you find one pleasant posture for your better gaming experience.

6. Reclining Feature

Most of these expensive gaming seats offer a reclining ability of under 150°, and you can expect it to recline less. But guess what? It exceeds your expectations and can recline back at 160 degrees.

For gaming purposes, an angle around 130 is preferable. And for relaxing, you can extend it to 160 degrees.

How to Lock Recliners on a Homall Gaming Chair?

There is a lever on the right side of this chair that you can use to lock the recliner at one position as it comes with a multi-tilt mechanism.

A locking system and a lever to fix the backrest at one angle. It is handy for those users who like to work at a reclined angle. So, feel free to avail yourself of this reclining feature.

7. Retractable Footrest

You can slide it forth from under the chair and slide it back under the chair with fluency. The steel frame is used in its construction with thick elastic foam on top makes it delightful. The same thick padding goes over the footrest, as does the seat and backrest.

The reclining feature, the PU Leather, the thick padding, and what more to expect? Still, there is much more coming. It has a retractable footrest too, for your ease. Check out the complete buying guide on the Best gaming chairs with Footrests.

8. Armrests

Unfortunately, everything else apart from this feature is adorable in this product. But the armrests are fixed and stationary, which disappoints.

But it is rare to find 3D or 4D armrests in a chair that costs way less than 100$. The armrests have a layer of thick padding on top of them to form a restful surface for your arms to lie.

It would have been a lot better if they had added adjustability in this part. Just like the reclining feature, armrests are also the most used part.

Overall Design and Upholstery S-Racer Gaming Chair with Footrest

It has a conventional racing car style to give it a sassy appearance. The bucket seat comes up with raised edges to make you stay right in the center of the seat. It has raised edges and a high front lip that doesn’t let you slip from it. And it helps you slide right in the center for a healthy posture.

The winged backrest lays out additional support for your shoulders. It all helps build up the preeminent posture for you, for your better health. On the top, there is a logo of an S-Racer printed in white. And other than that, the whole article is just black PU Leather.

Control Buttons

The control panel has all the levers on one side for your ease. There is a seat height adjusting black lever with a seat mark on it. The lowest height setting is 14.7″, and the highest is 17.5″.

Also, there is a tilt locking lever to lock the backrest at one specific angle as it comes up with an advanced mechanism that allows you to do that. It has a swivel rotation of 360°, whose system is placed directly under it.

Comfortable Ergonomic Design

The Carbon Fiber PU Leather with high-density sponge foam lays a soothing foundation for your body to rest upon it.

With its thick padding, you won’t have to face any hard or firm feelings like sitting on a wooden surface. The 4 inches thicker padding itself feels like a sofa seat that we find in the budget-friendly Homall Chair.

Homall mainly uses elastic sponge foam in most of its products. The interesting fact about this padding is that it always remains soft and doesn’t lose its shape. And doesn’t squeeze to the bottom but remains satisfying on the skin and makes sure to abolish all the odds of causing skin-related problems.

High-Density Sponge Cushions

The soft cushions are magically comfortable and provide the utmost support to the back and neck. The waist cushion is fixed, but properly takes the shape of your lower back and stays there for comfort.

The headrest is detachable, and if you don’t want it there, you can easily remove it. They have a leather covering on top of them, which feels opulent, and the headrest cushion ties between the holes.

Build Quality

It comes up with a first-rate steel frame to make this chair last longer and reduce the chances of breaking down the chair. The steel framework and metal base are there to inflate its longevity and resistance.

It can only hold 300 pounds of weight and has high-quality gas lifts, which are highly sturdy. As long as you remain within its limits, this chair will stay beside you all year.

Metal Five Star Wheels

The five-star wheels reduce the chances of producing friction while moving to help remove the squeaky sounds. The metal base complements its durability. The wheels are smooth and fluent to make you move the seat even on the carpet.

Safety Certified Gas Lifts

It has certified gas lifts that are safe to use and provide better stability, resistance, and consistency. The whole burden falls on the springs and base, and they need to be durable to ensure your safety.


  • The 160 degrees recliner is the best thing about it to layout utter comfort.
  • It is the cheapest chair you can ever find with these features. Being the most affordable is its highest quality.
  • The five-star metal wheels are a fancy addition to it.
  • The most loveable feature is its footrest. I didn’t expect a 90$ chair to have a footrest and reclining ability of 160° to make it a bed for you.


  • The one thing that I didn’t like for sure was its armrests. They are stationary and don’t move an inch for your adjustment. It can be a deal-breaker for some people who have high hopes regarding armrests.

Target Audience

The company doesn’t recommend the S-Racer to be used by heavy persons. Though it can hold 300 pounds, the quality of the framework is not high enough to bear such a burden.

So, it will be reasonable for slim and sleek people as it has a narrow seat appearance. Also, taller people are good to go here due to the high backrest, which specifies that it is suitable for them.

What is the Price of a Homall Ergonomic S-Racer?

It only costs 89$. I believe this ergonomic Homall S-Rocker has similar specifications of around 200$, but we can obtain all these for just 89$. So, you can say that it is highly affordable. It has enhanced its worth altogether.


Homall Gaming Chair offers a free replacement or refund within 30 days for their customers, which applies to the frame and all other associated products. If the product is not satisfactory or does not match the description, or is damaged, you can easily claim it to offer a refund or replacement.

  • They don’t claim the warranty for wear and tear, aesthetic defects, abuse of the product, or natural reasons.
  • The product needs to be in a new state as when you bought it.

If the product is damaged in the installation process, or there is any missing item, you can claim the warranty within 12 months with a free replacement.

Premier Alternatives

There are some similar alternatives to the Homall Gaming Chair that may fancy you:

  • Devoko Gaming Chair seems to be the perfect alternative to this chair. It can recline at 170°, with mute rolling wheels and a load capacity of 300 pounds. Check the price on Amazon.
  • Modern Depo Gaming Chair amuses you with its 330 weight capacity and reclining ability of 180°, PVC Leather, and it costs 109$. Check the price on Amazon.
  • Vitesse Gaming Chair has 300 pounds weight capacity, a 180° recliner, a 1-year warranty, and carbon fiber PU leather at 99$. Check the price on Amazon.

Check the Cheap gaming chairs under $100.

Final Words

It is, no doubt, a dream chair for you if cost is a concern for you. It is full of commendable features that lure everyone towards its elegance. One or two cons can be a big deal for some, and some can ignore them. The 160 degrees recliner with impeccable smooth movement is a treat. The steel frame and metal base lift its worth more than ever.

But the real problem lies in its armrests. We can’t move them in any way, which can cause dilemmas for a person looking for this feature on a low budget. But if you want to weigh the pros and cons, the pros surely outweigh the cons. If fixed armrests are not an issue for anyone, it is splendid for you in all matters.

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