Secret-lab Omega Gaming Chair- Unbiased Review 2022

omega gaming chair

Secret-lab 2020 Stealth Omega Gaming chair has been high in demand all these years with its imposing style, and high-end materials used in these chairs made the reason for their constant selling regularly.

When I first came to know about Secret lab and looked over their products, I thought that buying any one of their products would save me from this trouble for a long time. And I found a perfect replacement for my old chair with Secretlab Omega 2020.

The main secret of Secretlab for their success is that they don’t involve any third party in their sales. They supply directly to the customers due to which you will find their products to be very affordable. They are highly adjustable and full of commendable features to take a load off this chair. Let’s take a circumstantial peer at their products:

Peculiar Properties of Secretlab OMEGA Gaming Chair 2020

Secret-lab omega 2020 stealth

  • 240 Maximum Capacity
  • 165° Recline
  • 4D Armrests
  • 2.0 PU Leather
  • Up to 5-Year Extended Warranty

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1. Dimensions

The dimensions for this super adjustable chair are 27.6″W × 27.5″ D × 53.4″L inches. The seat dimensions are 22″W × 19.3″ D inches.

The seat height from the ground ranges from 18.1 to 21.9 inches. And the backrest dimensions are 21″W × 31.5″H inches. It is suitable for shorter people.

2. Upholstery

The company claims that their 2020 series products do not have any PU Leather-like other gaming seats, which are easily peel-able and corroding. But they have used 2.0 PU Leather, which is 4-times more indestructible than any other material.

strong build in quality of Secretlab omega

For your content of the leather upholstery, it even comes up with A* STAR Certification which is Singapore’s agency to test the leather abrasion and scratch resistant abilities. The company claims that this 2.0 PU Leather went through 200,000 cycles on Martindale Abrasion.

The leather on the backside of the chair is almost the same as others, which is amiable. Cleaning it is as easy as pie, and you only require a wet cloth to wipe as the dust particles don’t penetrate the leather.

3. Weight Recommendation

It is not a heavy-duty gaming chair and only suits shorter people with a maximum weight of 240-pounds. It targets slim and lean people, and they will be thoroughly comfortable in it.

4. Height Recommendation

The company recommends the users to be a maximum of 5’11”. It is perfect for persons shorter than the limit. Otherwise, the headrest pillow will not lie at a suitable height and cause discomfort for the users.

5. Versatility

This seat is versatile and highly flexible with its straightforward and user-friendly designed controls and features. To enhance its comfort, they have made every part of it adaptable as per your needs. All these work together to layout a perfect posture for your well-being.

6. 4D Armrests

It comes with 4D armrests, which are adjustable in all four directions. There is a button on the outside by which you can adjust its height. And the inside button allows you to move them in to and fro motion and sideways.

Another button on the inside moves the armrests towards and away from you. All these movements are cogent, and they make a clicking sound when it locks at one angle, letting you know that you can now use the armrests.

The armrests also come up with padding, but the problem lies here. The padding feels hard, and it is not quite thick to feel.

7. Reclining Ability

Fortunately, it gladdens you with its 165 degrees recliner. This feature is flawless, and you will not find any issue related to this. It leans back effortlessly and comes back to its original position with a mere thrust.

Also, there is a tilt locking function in there for you. And you can easily lock this backrest at one angle for your soothe. The backrest has 4 inches thick padding with an integrated headrest to diminish the need for any extra pillow.

165 degree recline of omega gaming chair

The backrest has raised edges to aid fluent support so that in the course of reclining or rocking back, you don’t fall to the edge. With raised edges, you get efficient support from both sides all the time to make you reside in the center.

8. Seat Angle Tilt

It comes up with a multi-tilt mechanism that helps you even lock the seat at five different positions. Along with the backrest, you can also move the seat angle.

There is a button under it by which you rock this chair if you unlock that button. And you can again lock the button to lock this angle. You will not even need a recliner once you use this relaxing feature by which you can ease up on it.

tilt and control buttons of omega 2020 series gaming chair

You can adjust the seat height as well. There is a lever on the right side, and by pulling that lever, you can adjust the seat height. The range covers from the floor to the seat is 18.1 to 21.9 inches.

How Comfortable is the Secretlab Omega chair?

For a midrange chair, it’s far more comfortable with its PU Leather and cold cure foam. They have provided a firm foundation for their users to lie on, and they give credence to the fact that it is the rationale behind their success.

Usually, gaming seats have soft seat padding feeling like a sofa, but ergonomically, it is no use. They don’t provide an even surface and your body doesn’t remain aligned. And ultimately dispels the whole point of ergonomics.

Memory Foam Cushions

They cheer you up with memory foam cushions covered with a velvety surface to provide a soft and pulpy touch, unlike the office seats. They comprise a cooling gel, which helps maintain it cool all day long. The headrest cushion ties go all over the above as it doesn’t have any hole for the headrest to tie. And it is not adjustable. 

Removable headrest of secretlab gaming chair


It comes up with top-tier build quality to dispel the headache of shattering it. It has reinforced aluminum with a steel framework to inflate its longevity and persistence. Although it can only hold 240 pounds of weight, it has Class 4 Hydraulics in it which are brawny and mainly used in heavier vehicles.

All these figures sum up the talk that this chair is highly durable and sturdy to be by your side all these years. It’s not easy to tell how many years it can survive, but it’s been two years, and this chair is still soundless.

As we talked about before, the PU Leather has A* STAR Certification at its back which encapsulates everything. It also has a BIFMA certificate with it to attest to its sturdiness.

PU Wheels

Lastly, it has an aluminum base and PU wheels, which are fluent in nature and roll over any surface easily. PU coating also saves the base and wheels from corrosion and rust and keeps them tidy all day long.


Secret-lab Omega 2020 gives you a whole lot of range in terms of its styles and designs. All of it to make it look compelling and to amplify your gaming system. First of all, we have an Omega sign on the front side of the chair. And Omega and Secret-lab logo on the backside. Importantly, these designs are not printed but machine embroidered to inflate their elegance. The surround stitches on the edges change its looks all in all. All of it feels opulent and sumptuous.

Pros and Cons


  • 1. One thing you’re going to love is its design and style. It looks so elegant, which will tempt you to buy this no matter what.
  • 2. The 2.0 PU Leather is the hallmark which is four times stronger than any other fabric.
  • 3. The thick padding with memory foam and slight firm foundation lays out an extremely cozy exterior for you.


  • 1. The cushions come up with memory foam, but the lumbar pillow is not attachable. And it can be infuriating in certain circumstances.
  • 2. The armrests don’t have thick padding over them. It feels hard on the surface because of the thin padding over the metal interior.

Target Audience for Secretlab OMEGA

This chair peculiarly targets the shorter people as it doesn’t have the mammoth size and doesn’t have a high backrest. It can hold a maximum weight of 240-pounds which distinctly indicates that Secret Lab Omega is handy for shorter and slim people.

Warranty Issuance

Secret-lab is handing out a Limited Warranty program for the customers with extended 5-years of protection for the 2020 series. If the product is not satisfactory or does not match the description, you can easily claim the warranty to offer a refund or replacement.

  • The product needs to be in a new state as when you bought it.
  • They don’t claim the warranty in case of wear and tear, aesthetic defects, or abuse of the product.

You have to apply for the warranty within 14 days of noticing the defect. And they will offer a free refund and replacement of the product.

Final Verdict

Indisputably, the range of designs and styles gained in a midrange budget and adaptability features is all one gamer can wish for. If you’re a smaller person, amuse yourself with its 4D armrests, 165° recliner, seat angle tilt, memory foam, 2.0 PU Leather, and immensely sturdy framework.

With 5-years of warranty, you can bank for its consistent years of service. Overall, it lives up to the expectations with its bewitching characteristics. The air seems to be a perfect delight for the users who fit in the details.