How to Set-Up X Rocker Gaming Chair

setting up x rocker gaming chair

Every gamer who has bought his first gaming chair looks for the same question. How to set up a gaming chair? Well, it’s not complicated, but rather very easy. It seems to be difficult for a new user. We’ll guide you in every step to set up your x rocker gaming seat.

X rocker is a well-known brand in producing high-quality budget-friendly options. This famous brand launched its first-ever audio-enabled gaming chair, which gained huge attention, and made its way into people’s good books.

Their chairs amuse you with exceptional features, such as Bluetooth, compatibility with all gaming devices, and a recliner. High-quality material is there for its durability.

The 5 Easy Steps involved in Setting up X Rocker Gaming Chair

The chair assembly consumes maximum space. So first, arrange an extra space in your room. Otherwise, it will be a mess, and you may lose one of your items in this rush. Arrange a suitable place, and then we will move on to the first step.

1. Unbox the Chair

Take the chair out of the box carefully. Remember to place the gaming chair box in an upright position before unboxing the chair. Otherwise, it can cause damage to some of the items. And we don’t want that in any case. Once you place the box, open it and take the chair and all its parts out carefully.

2. Assemble the Parts

The next step is to unfold the chair and remove the plastic to assemble the chair. There is an instruction book in the box that you can use for help if you find any confusion.

Assemble the chair by joining all the parts with provided pins and tools. Your chair is assembled now, and position it in your desired place in the house, maybe in your room.

3. Insert the Power Cable

The good news is that the X-rocker gaming seats come up with a power cable, unlike other chairs. You don’t have to buy a new one. Connect one end of this cable to the control panel of the chair. And the other end to the power socket. The adapter will connect to the power socket. And the other end of the cable with the chair’s control panel.

You can connect your gaming chair to your TV as well. X Rocker comes up with RCA cables that you won’t have to buy by yourself. The green end of the cable will connect to your TV and the other end to the seat. But follow this step once you have fully assembled the chair. It was the easiest step, and we are halfway now.

4. Ensure the Power Supply

Make sure that the power supply is on. Once it is over, there is a power button in your gaming chair’s control panel; turn it on. A green light will be lit up, which indicates that the chair has its power transmission.

5. Volume Adjustment

You can easily adjust the volume and bass as per your preferences. There are volume and bass control buttons on the control panel that you can use. If you can’t find any sound or bass, recheck the power supply and cable. Sometimes, they are not connected properly, and you may encounter problems afterward.

How to Connect Your X Rocker to Gaming Console

Once you have assembled the chair, the next step is to connect it to the gaming device. X Rocker gaming chairs are compatible with Xbox and PS4, so you can enjoy their built-in speakers and enhance your gaming experience.

There are a few ways that you can use to connect it to a gaming device, i.e. Connecting

  • Wirelessly
  • Aux Cable
  • RAC Cable
  • HDMI Cable


These were the easy steps to assemble your X Rocker gaming chair. If you do not want to read a large book of instructions, this article is for you. You can get help from here. We hope we have helped you here with these instructions.

Go and get your gaming chair assembled and let the fun begin.