6 Different Types of Gaming Chairs

types of gaming chairs

Gaming chairs come in different varieties and types, and every person has their preference. So, to meet your needs, manufacturers have produced gaming seats in every possible way.

This article will review the different types of gaming chairs and let you know which one is the best. The preference will depend on you and your needs to be more precise. Before scrolling down to the list, look at essential information.

How To Choose a Gaming Chair?

Before choosing the best gaming seat, you should know your height and the dimensions of your picked product.

  • Always prefer a high level of adjustability with excellent lumbar support.
  • Consider buying a chair that has a superb recline ability.
  • It should have a curved backrest with upper body and neck support.
  • Consider the warranty of the frame.
  • It would be best to look for more weightage capacity and fine upholstery.

Different Types of Gaming Chairs

So, let us begin and take a look at what we have here:

  • PC Gaming Chair
  • Platform Gaming Chair
  • Hybrid Gaming Chair
  • Beanbag Gaming Chair
  • Rocking Gaming Chair
  • Pedestal Gaming Chair
Types of gaming chairs

1. PC Gaming Chairs – Best For Office Use

These are the first choice of seating for office workers and are usually used in offices. They have a high backrest and a little extra cushioning.

Ficmax red and black pc gaming chair with footrest

It comes with five smooth-running wheels. You will find some differences between PC and other types.

They provide better comfort and extra cushioning to make it easy for the gamer to settle in for more time. Added lumbar support is pleasing for the buyer with adjustable armrest height and a recline feature.

Some PC office gear comes with speakers built into the headrests to allow users to enjoy music while working or playing games.

2. Platform Gaming Chairs – Best Recline Ability

These are very low down to the floor, almost making you sit on the floor. They have a stationed base with people usually sitting on the floor.

x rocker pro series h3 black leather gaming chair

It gives the appearance of a recliner. They also have built-in speakers and headphone jacks. The recliner is the main highlight as they bend very low and almost put you in a lying posture.

3. Hybrid Chairs – HiTech Gaming Gear.

These are mounted on a swivel base, a metal base attached to it. Their shape resembles recliners and gives the appearance of recliners.

x rocker pro series hybrid gaming chair with Bluetooth speakers

These elements make it a hybrid gaming seat possessing the features. The latest technology comes up with built-in speakers, headphones jack, and video game control machines.

It is the King if you are looking for a perfect option that includes all the essential features. The only downside is its high cost. This latest technology does not fit the budget of all, but for a diehard gamer, it does not matter.

4. Beanbag Gaming Chair – Comfortable and Practical.

The beanbag is quite different from all other types. They do not have wheels or pedestal bases if we talk about their shape. These are a bit bigger comparatively.

i-ex elite high back video bean bag chair

You’ll feel super comfortable as it molds the shape of your body. You will be so accurately fit in it as it is made for you. Some bean bag seats come with backrests, and some don’t.

They have BlueTooth ports and a stunning sound system. These are made of waterproof fabric because it is placed directly on the floor; you will have no worries about getting them greasy or filthy.

Is Bean Bag Good For Gaming?

Yes, it is super comfortable and suitable for posture. Beanbags have memory foam that adopts your sitting posture and provides a better experience.

These supple are highly portable, and you can drag them anywhere in the house, which is the icing on the cake.

5. Rocking Gaming Chairs – For Best Experience

These seats have an essential extra feature that makes them continuous back and forth movement.

Rocking gaming chair

But they are more user-friendly with enhanced features to provide you with everything you are looking for. It is super relaxing, comfortable, and very effective for backache.

You can use its reclining option to stretch your back muscles after continuous hours of work or gaming. They come with a quality audio speaker system, BlueTooth connectivity, and vibration motors connected with your gaming system, which takes your gaming experience to another level.

6. Pedestal Gaming Chair – Top Pick By Console Players

Pedestal gaming seats have a strong base on which it is mounted. The wheels are replaced here with a fixed flat base.

X Rocker, 5127401, SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair pedestal Gaming chair

It rotates easily comparatively. So, if you’re a console player, it is ideal for you as it is stationed closer to the floor and gives you a great gaming experience.

It also offers lumbar support and neck support to make you comfortable in this ergonomically designed gear. Additional features include BlueTooth connectivity and great speakers.

It adjusts itself according to your body rather than making you change your position. You can fold it when not in use which frees up some space in your room. But it has no casters that limit movements.

Being a gamer and super tech fan, I always wondered what type of gaming chair PewDiePie uses.

PewDiePie Gaming Chair

He uses a customized Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie gamer seat. It has an excellent reclining ability to make it a comfortable choice. The back lumbar support is fantastic, and you can also remove the neck pillow.

The ergonomic design of this computer gaming chair is excellent, and it broadly falls in the category of Hitech computer gaming gear.

Our Top Picks

GT099 Gaming Chair.

  • The GT-Racing GT099 has smooth PU Leather and highly adjustable 3D armrests.
  • It can recline up to 170° to stretch your muscles and relieve blood flow.
  • In addition, the racing style with PU Leather gives it a premium look.
  • It has a 300 Pound Weight Capacity and a 1year warranty.

AK- Racing Core Series EX.

  • We get to see 100% polyester Fabric in the AK-Racing Core Series EX.
  • The 3D armrests have been a great addition as they are moveable in all three directions.
  • A Show Stopper with a 180° Recline.
  • It also meets the ANSI and BIFMA tests.
  • The frame comes up with anti-corrosive black paint.

DX-Racer Tank Series.

  • It amuses you with the 4D arrangement of the armrests that you can adjust in any way.
  • Tank Series has only 120-degree recline ability, which makes it fall into the Office seat category.
  • You can easily adjust its seat height as per your preference, the size measures from 17″ to 21″.
  • The DX-Racer tank series has a 2-years warranty on the accessories and a Lifetime Warranty on the metal frame of TS29.

Wrapping it Up!

Picking a perfect gaming chair might be a tricky option. With multiple options available, we still recommend you go with the seat to ensure your ergonomic needs. To enjoy the gaming experience at full, keep the environmental conditions of your area in mind while buying the best gaming chair for yourself.