What is a Proxy Server PS4?


If you are wondering out there what is a proxy server on Ps4?

A proxy server for gaming PS4 is like a helper for your gaming console. You ask it to get something from the internet, and it goes and gets it for you. It’s also good at hide-and-seek; it hides your computer’s unique address, making you safer online.

What is remarkable is that this helper can also let you into websites you could not get into before. So, it makes gaming more fun and safe.

Think of it as a special tool that makes your PS4 even better. So, if you are into gaming, you will want this helper on your team.

How to Configure a Proxy Server on PS4

Ready to boost your PS4’s internet connection? All you need is a proxy server address, a port number, and a bit of your day. Here’s the game plan:

  1. Power up your PS4 and head straight to Settings.
  2. Next, find Network. Give that a click.
  3. Hit Connect to the Internet. You are almost there!
  4. Pick how you get online: Wi-Fi or LAN cable. Connect to your chosen network.
  5. Go for the ‘Custom’ option. This is where the magic happens.
  6. For IP Address Settings, choose Automatic.
  7. Under DHCP Host Name? Select “Do Not Specify”.
  8. MTU Settings? Stick with ‘Automatic’.
  9. DNS Settings? Yep, you guessed it—’Automatic’ again!
  10. Finally, ‘Use’ a Proxy Server. Type in that proxy address and port number.
  11. Seal the deal with ‘Test Internet Connection.’

Your PS4 should now be cruising on the PSN via your new proxy server, promising you smoother, faster gameplay.

Best Proxy Server Options For PS4 Gaming


1. ProxyEmpire

Are you looking for a solid PS4 internet connection proxy? ProxyEmpire has your back. They offer dedicated servers designed just for PS4 gamers like you.

Enjoy high-speed gaming with a U.S.-based IP address. Plus, they have “virgin IPs,” meaning you will not have to share and can play games without lag or fuss.

2. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller is not just any old proxy service; this one’s got SOCKS5, the latest and greatest in proxy tech.

But let’s keep it simple: it makes your connection super speedy. How? Pick a server nearest to you, and boom, you are in the fast lane. 

3. SSL Private Proxy

Looking for a smooth, no-lag gaming experience on your PS4 or PS5? Say hello to SSL Private Proxy. This little gem keeps your gaming super private and offers you endless bandwidth.

Yes, you heard that right—unlimited! So, you can play as many games as you want without worrying about hiccups or freezes. And get this: it is super reliable.

We’re talking sky-high uptime, ensuring you will not miss a beat in those fast-action gaming moments.

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Advantages of Using a Proxy Server on PS4


1. Access to Blocked Gaming Platforms 

Are you stuck behind a virtual wall because of pesky copyright or local gaming laws? Do not worry; there is a neat trick to level up your gaming experience.

Have you ever heard of proxy servers? A proxy server is your gaming sidekick. It hides your location by swapping your IP address, making it look like you are coming from somewhere else.

This way, the gaming website you want to access cannot tell where you are from. 

2. Security

You know, just like computers, your gaming console can also attract some unwanted attention. No, I do not mean viruses—your console is pretty tough that way.

But watch out for tricks that fool you into clicking sketchy links. These tricks steal your private info.

What’s the game plan? Set up a proxy server. Think of it as your console’s cloak of invisibility. It hides your digital “address,” so the sneaky spies can’t find you.

Plus, it checks all the website stuff coming your way to keep you safe from scams and harmful downloads.

3. Multi-Location Login

You love gaming on your PS4 with pals from around the globe. But hold up! Doing that can invite unwanted guests into your network. Go for a proxy server. It keeps those pesky intruders out so you can game without a worry.

It encrypts your connections, ensuring only the good guys get in. Do you need help with location-based blocks? A proxy lets you hop those digital fences like a pro so you can keep the fun rolling wherever you are.


If you play games on a PS4, a proxy server can help you in different ways. First, it makes your gaming safer from people who might want to hack you.

It can make your games run faster. And, it can let you play games that you might not be able to access otherwise.

It is a helpful tool that makes your gaming better. Just ensure you get your proxy server from a company you can trust. There you go, gaming is made better and safer!